Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk10 ~ Bedside tables

Wow double figures!!!! Hard to believe we are nearly 1/5th of the way through the year!

How is everyone going? Managing to keep up? Or have a few thing on the To Do List? don't worry there will be time to catch up along the way. Some weeks, like this week, shouldn't take too long.

So now, seeing as we have decluttered the top of our dressers lets deal with our bedside tables.

This weeks mission:
~ Declutter the top of your bedside table
~ If you have drawers declutter them too
~ Consider lining your drawers with some nice paper and maybe place a fragrant sachet in there too

What is on your bedside table?
Mine is partially covered with a rectangular doily. It's just a cheap one we bought to protect the nice wooden top when we bought our bedroom suite. I'd love to replace them with some hand made ones, need to keep a look out for some.
I have my bedside lamp, bottle of water and at night my phone (I use it for an alarm).
That's all that is meant to be there. But currently there is also a brand new pair of jeans sitting there too waiting for me to pin and hem. Need to find me a sewing projects basket.
Brians bedside has a doily and lamp, clock radio, water bottle, tv remotes and a book.
If you like to read in bed at night, the bedside will be where you will keep your book more than likely, that's fine, but try to keep a maximum of two books there at a time. Anymore is just clutter.

Please link up your before and after pics either on the BDB Facebook page or in the linky below. Love to see everyone progress.

Take Care


  1. My bedside table has a candle and an electric oile burner on it and Bazza's has a lamp and a candle on it... Our remotes and books are kept in the top drawer of the bedside table. will try and post a pic

  2. Hi Becci - found you on DTE and was reading your challenges so thought I would join. You must have read my mind as on Saturday I cleared my bedside table and washed the doily my mother had crocheted many years ago - just have to iron it! BUT I have to declutter the drawers which seem to get everything shoved in them!

  3. Mine has 6 books waiting to be read and a box of tissues.Lucky you can't see inside the drawers.

  4. my bedside table have a some books, dvd's, a jug of water and glass a little makeup kit and some other things which i need. i think my bedside table is good organised.