Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk11 ~ The Bed

Have you ever noticed how dusty it gets under your bed? Mine get aweful!

So this week it's time to give the bed area a good deep clean.

This weeks missions:
~ Strip your bed, wash linen and remake with clean linen
~ Make sure you wash your mattress protector
~ Air out or wash any woollen underlays
~ Air out your mattress
~ Dust the slats and base of your bed
~ Vacuum under your bed and remove all dust

It's best to try do this on a day when it's good for drying. Will make life so much easier.
If you can, take your mattress outside to air. The sun will do it the world of good. Vacuum your mattress if you like, great way to get rid of lots of dust and yuck stuff.
When you place your mattress back on your bed, flip and rotate it if you mattress needs it. Some new mattress are non flip.

Would love for you to share you freshly made beds. Love to gander and everyones gorgeous linens.

Take Care


  1. Hello Becci
    I love this topic and check in daily for updates .Keeps me on my toes.Thanks for sharing your journal on how it all gets done every day, helps me a lot. This alone has made all the difference for me . Thanks and keep up the great Job.

  2. I used to flip the mattress regularly but, last purchase, we got a fancy latex one which weight three thousand tonne so I won't flip it but thanks for the other prompts!

  3. I get a fright when I eventually pull out our bed and vacuum under the ensemble base! Eeek! Usually dead spiders (just when did they die??), millipedes and fluff!