Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thrifty finds

Yesterday we had to take a trip down to Christies Beach to run some errands. Of course I had to fir in a trip to Spotty and Savers. Spotty for some more lime green crochet thread for more LTC goodies, and Savers...well I just have to see if I can find a bargain, especially vinty sheets and the boys love to find new quilt covers for themselves too.

They were in luck. Ethan had it in his head he was going to find a new Ben 10 quilt cover. And he did within a minute of walking into the store! Was a very bright blerky one (insert a pic of me screwing my face up) but I turned around and found the most perfect quilt cover for him. The moment he saw it he said "I have to have this one!". Didn't want the Ben 10 one anymore (Yay!!). SO I sent Brian over a row to look for a matching pillowcase and we were in luck.
Ethan is jet and aeroplane mad. He loves his "Top Gun' quilt cover.

While the boys were searching for the jet pillow case, Eli spied a Thomas one and wanted it. Again I turned around and guess what I found???
This quilt cover was handmade and is basically brand new!

I grabbed these sheets out of the linen press and washed them up too.
They used to be Randalls. They are flannel though but the nights are getting cooler here.

Found this flannel Hot Wheels flat sheet in really good condition too.
The plan will be to back it with a plain blue flannel sheet I swear I have in the linen press and turn it into a quilt cover.
Flannel quilt covers are so nice in winter.

Some more vinty sheets to add to my collection. 
They were all labelled single but the two blue ones were much bigger than the yellow
so I think they must be double bed.

I saw this vinty Christmas Table cloth too. I hummed and harred over it for ages and in the end I decided that I would kick myself if I didn't go home with it.
It's too small for our dining table (threw it over our coffee table to take this pic)
but it will be fine on an angle with another tablecloth underneath.

A close up of the cute little vinty children

Lastly I bought these two pairs of pants for the boys.
The cargos for Ethan and the jeans for Eli.
The jeans are just like new and he already has Cars tops he can wear with them.

Not a bad score all up I don't think. Have you found some fab thrifty finds lately?

Take Care


  1. well done Becki, you have some great finds there. I went op-shopping during the week and picked up some bargains too. I have a post over at

  2. Way to go, love the thrifty finds.