Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk17 ~ Washing Machine

Welcome to another month! We are now about 1/3rd of the way through the year!

This month we will be focussing on the Laundry room.

Lets start with one of the most useful appliances in the house - the washing machine. How often do you clean yours? If you are like me one when someone on a blog or forum prompts me to!

Your missions for this week:
~ Thoroughly clean your washing machine
~ Scrub your laundry basin

So how do you clean your washing machine? 
Well Kat at The Organised Housewife has some very simple instructions for top loader washing machines here.

If you have a front loader like me this is what I do:
~ take out the soap dispenser and clean thoroughly.
~ take out all your filters and clean them and their receptacles
~ take a bucket and fill with water as hot as you can handle and add a good splash of vinegar. Take a clean cloth and clean the inside of your door and your door seal.
~ Set the machine on a hot wash with some vinegar in the soap dispenser.
~ While the machine is running wipe over the outside with your water/vinegar mix and dry thoroughly.
~ don't forget to dust behind your machine too

You may choose to pull your machine out and clean underneath, we will be doing this later in the month but feel free to do this this week if you like.

How to clean your laundry basin
~ take everything out of your basin
~ give it a quick rinse off to remove the bulk of anything gross
~ sprinkle liberally with bicarb and spray with vinegar (in a spray bottle)
~ take a cloth, or a scourer (for a metal basin) if it's really grotty like mine (my washing machine water drains into my basin) and give it a good scrub.
~ when it's clean rinse really well.

Would love to see some before and after pics, don't be embarrassed we've all been there.

Take Care

Friday, April 27, 2012

What's in my basket?

After posting a What's in my basket post the other day I thought I might make it a weekly event.

My normal hooking program means LTC hooking in the week and personal hooking on the weekends. So every friday I will post a pic of what is in my basket for that coming weekend.
Will more than likely be a wordless post, or maybe a short paragraph. Some weeks it might just be a slight sneak peak if it's a secret project.
I'll aslo add a Linky at the bottom of the post where I'd love to see what you are up to crafty wise.

Here is this weeks pic!

Take Care

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Menu Plan 26th April ~ 9th May

{Pumpkin quiche and Twice baked stuffed potatoes}

This week I have tried to cut down the amount of meat we usually each thanks to a challenge laid down my Rhonda at Down To Earth. We love our meat, but eat far too much of it. My menu plan actually only has one meat free meal in it, but many are low meat meals and for the rest I will be cutting down on the serving size.

Thurs ~ Chicken/Ham rolls
Fri ~ Sausage Casserole
Sat ~ Lamb Shank soup
Sun ~ Meat pie and veg
Mon ~ Roast Pork
Tues ~ Crumbed Lamb chops and veg
Wed ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise (double batch, will freeze half)

Thurs ~ Fried Rice and Chicken Wings
Fri ~ Tomato Soup and Cheese Toasties
Sat ~ Pumpkin Soup and homemade bread
Sun ~ Corned Beef and veg
Mon ~ Apricot Chicken, rice and veg (big batch, will freeze some)
Tues ~ Pumpkin Quiche
Wed ~ Steak sandwiches

I haven't been doing much baking of late. Just haven't felt like it, which is not like me. But the cooler weather is here now and I have baked 2 cakes this week!
So I am contemplating making:
Apple Scrolls
Savoury scrolls
Anzac biscuits

There have been some great meal ideas for the 50% less meat challenge over at the forum too.

Would love to see what you are cooking this fortnight too :)

Take Care

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lest We Forget

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

Take Care

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's in my basket???

Thought I'd pop a pic up of what is in my hooky basket atm. Can't wait to share the  finished product with you.

Let's Get Organised Wk16 ~ Deep Clean

Our last week in the bedrooms! Next week we are onto a new room, any idea what it might be???

Your missions for this week:
~ Scrub walls and skirting boards
~ Clean windows inside and out
~ Give furniture a good dust and polish

There then your room will be a wonderful haven for the children or your guests to wake up in. Makes such a difference!

Don't forget to link up your blog posts or to post your before and after pics on the Facebook Wall.

Take Care

Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk15 ~ Beds

How are we all going? I managed to get the boys clothes decluttered and bagged up, they'll be taken to the church op shop on thursday. I got one full large garbage bag and one part bag full of stuff the boys no longer fit into!!!
Unfortunately my computer has crashed so I am borrowing my sons lappy and can't upload pics of it.

This weeks missions:
~ Strip the beds, wash linen and remake with clean linen
~ Make sure you wash the mattress protectors
~ Air out or wash any woollen underlays
~ Air out the mattresses
~ Dust the slats and base of the beds
~ Vacuum under the beds and remove all dust

It's best to try do this on a day when it's good for drying. Will make life so much easier.
If you can, take your mattresses outside to air. The sun will do it the world of good. Vacuum the mattresses if you like, great way to get rid of lots of dust and yuck stuff.
When you place the mattresses back on the beds, flip and rotate it if they need it. Some new mattress are non flip.

Take Care

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scone Success!!!

I've never been very good at making scones. I can make fab cakes and biscuits, but never scones. They never rise well. They taste fine and aren't rocks, but they just don't rise much.
I just assumed that I didn't have the knack, until I heard something the other day.
Not sure where it was, somewhere on tv, but it gave me hope. I'd have to try making scones again soon.

So the other day I did. We have a few cans of lemonade in the pantry leftover from christmas so I thought I'd try the good old lemonade scones.

Lemonade Scones
4 cup self raising flour
375ml can lemonade (or 1 1/2C)
1 cup cream
pinch salt

Just dump it all into a bowl and mix with a butter knife to a dough.
Now here's the secret, make sure your dough is still a little tacky! It's the moisture that steams and helps with the rising! Of course it can't be too wet, but tacky is fine. In the past I would add more flour thinking that it was too wet. Not now though.
So I made the dough to what I thought was tack enough, cut out the rounds, placed them just touching on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, brushed with a little milk and popped them in a 220C oven.
I baked them until the were nice and golden.

They were perfect!!!!! Best dang scones ever!!!!!

Take Care

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Menu Plan 12th ~ 25th April

Morning Everyone!
I'm finally starting to get back on track after having a sore back for a bit over a week. That week actually went quite quickly and I can't believe it's time to menu plan again!!
This weekend we have Brians brothers wedding. Mum will be babysitting the kids so have decided on an easy dinner for them. Something that mum can just whip up and that she won't have to battle with the kids to eat.
I'm also going to make up a huge lasagna so that I can freeze a heap up for Brians work dinners.
A friend mentioned about curried mince yesterday so that's on the menu too.

Thurs ~ Tuna Mornay
Fri ~ Meat pie and veg
Sat ~ Wedding ~ Fish, chips and salad for my mum and the kids
Sun ~ Roast Pork and veg
Mon ~ Ham and veg soup
Tues ~ Fancy Chicken and veg
Wed ~ Sausages and veg

Thurs ~ Lasagna and Garlic Bread
Fri ~ Fried Rice and Chicken Wings
Sat~ Pumpkin Quiche, twice baked stuffed spuds and salad
Sun ~ Roast Chicken and veg
Mon ~ Pumpkin Soup and Homemade Bread
Tues ~ Pork and Gravy
Wed ~ Curried mince and rice (using up any leftover veg)

I really haven't given baking much thought actually. But we have quite a few mini solid eggs leftover form easter so I might make a few things with those. Or at the very least chop them up for choc chips.

Take Care

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Room of Shame Progress Day 1

So now that I have revealed my Room of Shame I thought I'd better get moving on it.

I made a fair bit of progress really. Took about an hour? maybe a little longer I guess. At least I can get in the door and move around now.





Hopefully I'll get in there for a while in the next couple of days, although tomorrows shopping day so maybe not until friday.

Take Care

My Room of Shame!!!

I've received lots of comments over the last few months as to how 'perfect' my domesticity is. All of the comments have been kind hearted, nothing nasty. But I am here to tell you now that no way is our house perfect, nor is my housekeeping.
Sure it's pretty good. The house is always fairly tidy (bar the odd kiddy toy out), usually clean and fairly organised. But I have one shame. My craft room. It's looks like a bombs gone off!
I can hear you saying, yeah right I'm sure it's not that bad? But it seriously is! What's worse is that it's been that way for months!!

I have been 'meaning' to clean it up for ages. I'd start and then something (usually petty) stops me.
Then lots of unwanted baby stuff and other clutter have made it's way out there so they aren't taking up space inside.
When ever Brian has a clean up he grabs my stuff and dumps it out there too.

So are you ready to see my shame photos? Be prepared.....

This pic is taken from the doorway looking left. I had already started on this corner before I remembered to take pics. There were old clothes in the hangers that I was going to craft with. I popped them in a bag to take to a charity bin somewhere. Instead I now I have my vinty sheets and other sewing stuff in there.
In front of the cupboard was a heap of baby stuff that has now moved to the shed so I can sort, clean and sell.
There was also the computer sitting here form when I moved it from the other side, but our eldest took that home with him on monday Yay!

Moving around clockwise

Now we are back to the door.

I spent some time in there today. Will pop up my progress in another post as I'm having to use the old blogger atm due to computer issues and it's driving my a little insane!

So there you go. My room of shame. This is actually a sunroom which was formally half of the carport. It's totally enclosed but not accessible from the house. At least I can go out there and create and then lock the door behind me so the kids can't get to everything.

Take Care

Monday, April 9, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk14 ~ Surfaces

This week we are continuing on in the childrens bedrooms. If you don't have children the feel free to choose a spare room or another room that might suit.

This weeks missions:
~ Continue any missions outstanding
~ Declutter all exposed surfaces
~ Declutter any toys in the bedroom

One of our drawers has had a blow out. Part and parcel of a cheap set of drawers. So it's become a bit of a habit to place clothes that belong to that drawer on one of the shelves in the boys shelving unit. Very naughty and slack of me.
I'll be getting around to the clothes declutter this week now that my back isn't too bad. Then we can fix the drawer and sort out the shelves.

We choose to have most of the kids toys in the family room but they do have some in their room. I'm sure I could cull a couple of things.

I think it's also safe to b able to pack away the fan that sits on their dresser now too. Doubt that we will have any nights hot enough to warrant it.

Would love to see some before and afters of your work. Just link up your blog post below or share on our Facebook page.

Take Care

Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk13 ~ Kids Bedrooms

Welcome to April. This month we are going to focus on the kids bedrooms. If you don't have kids then maybe you can focus on another bedroom or the spare room.

This weeks mission:
~ Sort through your childrens clothes

If you aren't doing a childrens bedroom then I'm sure there is a cupboard or two in your chosen 'bedroom' that needs sorting through.

I find this time of year is a great time to sort through my childrens clothes. The days are mostly cool here now so I find it's pretty safe to pack away the majority of the summer stuff and to bring out the winter stuff I have in storage that has been handed down to us.

I donate my kids good old clothes to one of the local churches. They have an exchange program where we get credit to spend in their op shop for the clothes that we donate. I have heaps of credit, but am keeping it up so that if I come across a family that might need help I can take them in and they can use my credit.

I'll be posting pics of our delcutter later in the week. Not sure when I'll get to do mine as I have hurt my back over the weekend which makes it hard to bed down to get to the drawers.

Take Care