Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk13 ~ Kids Bedrooms

Welcome to April. This month we are going to focus on the kids bedrooms. If you don't have kids then maybe you can focus on another bedroom or the spare room.

This weeks mission:
~ Sort through your childrens clothes

If you aren't doing a childrens bedroom then I'm sure there is a cupboard or two in your chosen 'bedroom' that needs sorting through.

I find this time of year is a great time to sort through my childrens clothes. The days are mostly cool here now so I find it's pretty safe to pack away the majority of the summer stuff and to bring out the winter stuff I have in storage that has been handed down to us.

I donate my kids good old clothes to one of the local churches. They have an exchange program where we get credit to spend in their op shop for the clothes that we donate. I have heaps of credit, but am keeping it up so that if I come across a family that might need help I can take them in and they can use my credit.

I'll be posting pics of our delcutter later in the week. Not sure when I'll get to do mine as I have hurt my back over the weekend which makes it hard to bed down to get to the drawers.

Take Care

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  1. Thanks Becci, Mum and I will do a sort on her wardrobe this week.