Monday, April 9, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk14 ~ Surfaces

This week we are continuing on in the childrens bedrooms. If you don't have children the feel free to choose a spare room or another room that might suit.

This weeks missions:
~ Continue any missions outstanding
~ Declutter all exposed surfaces
~ Declutter any toys in the bedroom

One of our drawers has had a blow out. Part and parcel of a cheap set of drawers. So it's become a bit of a habit to place clothes that belong to that drawer on one of the shelves in the boys shelving unit. Very naughty and slack of me.
I'll be getting around to the clothes declutter this week now that my back isn't too bad. Then we can fix the drawer and sort out the shelves.

We choose to have most of the kids toys in the family room but they do have some in their room. I'm sure I could cull a couple of things.

I think it's also safe to b able to pack away the fan that sits on their dresser now too. Doubt that we will have any nights hot enough to warrant it.

Would love to see some before and afters of your work. Just link up your blog post below or share on our Facebook page.

Take Care

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