Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk15 ~ Beds

How are we all going? I managed to get the boys clothes decluttered and bagged up, they'll be taken to the church op shop on thursday. I got one full large garbage bag and one part bag full of stuff the boys no longer fit into!!!
Unfortunately my computer has crashed so I am borrowing my sons lappy and can't upload pics of it.

This weeks missions:
~ Strip the beds, wash linen and remake with clean linen
~ Make sure you wash the mattress protectors
~ Air out or wash any woollen underlays
~ Air out the mattresses
~ Dust the slats and base of the beds
~ Vacuum under the beds and remove all dust

It's best to try do this on a day when it's good for drying. Will make life so much easier.
If you can, take your mattresses outside to air. The sun will do it the world of good. Vacuum the mattresses if you like, great way to get rid of lots of dust and yuck stuff.
When you place the mattresses back on the beds, flip and rotate it if they need it. Some new mattress are non flip.

Take Care