Thursday, April 12, 2012

Menu Plan 12th ~ 25th April

Morning Everyone!
I'm finally starting to get back on track after having a sore back for a bit over a week. That week actually went quite quickly and I can't believe it's time to menu plan again!!
This weekend we have Brians brothers wedding. Mum will be babysitting the kids so have decided on an easy dinner for them. Something that mum can just whip up and that she won't have to battle with the kids to eat.
I'm also going to make up a huge lasagna so that I can freeze a heap up for Brians work dinners.
A friend mentioned about curried mince yesterday so that's on the menu too.

Thurs ~ Tuna Mornay
Fri ~ Meat pie and veg
Sat ~ Wedding ~ Fish, chips and salad for my mum and the kids
Sun ~ Roast Pork and veg
Mon ~ Ham and veg soup
Tues ~ Fancy Chicken and veg
Wed ~ Sausages and veg

Thurs ~ Lasagna and Garlic Bread
Fri ~ Fried Rice and Chicken Wings
Sat~ Pumpkin Quiche, twice baked stuffed spuds and salad
Sun ~ Roast Chicken and veg
Mon ~ Pumpkin Soup and Homemade Bread
Tues ~ Pork and Gravy
Wed ~ Curried mince and rice (using up any leftover veg)

I really haven't given baking much thought actually. But we have quite a few mini solid eggs leftover form easter so I might make a few things with those. Or at the very least chop them up for choc chips.

Take Care

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