Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Room of Shame!!!

I've received lots of comments over the last few months as to how 'perfect' my domesticity is. All of the comments have been kind hearted, nothing nasty. But I am here to tell you now that no way is our house perfect, nor is my housekeeping.
Sure it's pretty good. The house is always fairly tidy (bar the odd kiddy toy out), usually clean and fairly organised. But I have one shame. My craft room. It's looks like a bombs gone off!
I can hear you saying, yeah right I'm sure it's not that bad? But it seriously is! What's worse is that it's been that way for months!!

I have been 'meaning' to clean it up for ages. I'd start and then something (usually petty) stops me.
Then lots of unwanted baby stuff and other clutter have made it's way out there so they aren't taking up space inside.
When ever Brian has a clean up he grabs my stuff and dumps it out there too.

So are you ready to see my shame photos? Be prepared.....

This pic is taken from the doorway looking left. I had already started on this corner before I remembered to take pics. There were old clothes in the hangers that I was going to craft with. I popped them in a bag to take to a charity bin somewhere. Instead I now I have my vinty sheets and other sewing stuff in there.
In front of the cupboard was a heap of baby stuff that has now moved to the shed so I can sort, clean and sell.
There was also the computer sitting here form when I moved it from the other side, but our eldest took that home with him on monday Yay!

Moving around clockwise

Now we are back to the door.

I spent some time in there today. Will pop up my progress in another post as I'm having to use the old blogger atm due to computer issues and it's driving my a little insane!

So there you go. My room of shame. This is actually a sunroom which was formally half of the carport. It's totally enclosed but not accessible from the house. At least I can go out there and create and then lock the door behind me so the kids can't get to everything.

Take Care


  1. Oh wow, I would love some space like that...for me it would be for the kids...a space to play and watch teli......we crave space here, that room is so great....clean it up girl, I wanna see it being USED!!!!...LOL

  2. We're lucky to have a small playroom / tv room. This is outside of the house and the yard that side isn't fenced, also where the door is is the other side of the carport where the car gets parked so there is no way I could have my 3 and 2 yos playing out there without me being there.
    It was being used as a 4th bedroom for our now 19yo when he lived at home, but I have claimed it now.
    I had it nice and sorted for so long, just the last 6 months or so things have been a nightmare out there.

  3. That's the spirit!! Half the rooms in my house are either like this or half way there. My eldest sons room - every few months we go through his room & have a clean-up-athon.

    It's infuriating...his mess is actually depreciating the value of my property. You have to have had your shots before you go in there. Then it overflows...I don't want to put clean clothes in his room coz they end up on the they end up in MY room. And in the hallway gets littered with a tangle of lego & cables (for computer consoles) and clothing & toys.

    My kitchen...hundreds of books & confiscated toys & broken cupboard doors are on TOP of the cupboards making a mess of things.

    And the toys!! We had a big skippa bin in last's as though we haven't thrown out toys in the last 10 years. Who the hell bought all these toys??

    And my paints! All the canvas's & easel & paints & paintings...they get everywhere because they don't have a place of their own.

    Yes indeed, I have a little piece of Shame in every room.

  4. thanks for the pick :) my laundry is my 'storage' area, might have to upload some pics and get some advice