Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scone Success!!!

I've never been very good at making scones. I can make fab cakes and biscuits, but never scones. They never rise well. They taste fine and aren't rocks, but they just don't rise much.
I just assumed that I didn't have the knack, until I heard something the other day.
Not sure where it was, somewhere on tv, but it gave me hope. I'd have to try making scones again soon.

So the other day I did. We have a few cans of lemonade in the pantry leftover from christmas so I thought I'd try the good old lemonade scones.

Lemonade Scones
4 cup self raising flour
375ml can lemonade (or 1 1/2C)
1 cup cream
pinch salt

Just dump it all into a bowl and mix with a butter knife to a dough.
Now here's the secret, make sure your dough is still a little tacky! It's the moisture that steams and helps with the rising! Of course it can't be too wet, but tacky is fine. In the past I would add more flour thinking that it was too wet. Not now though.
So I made the dough to what I thought was tack enough, cut out the rounds, placed them just touching on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, brushed with a little milk and popped them in a 220C oven.
I baked them until the were nice and golden.

They were perfect!!!!! Best dang scones ever!!!!!

Take Care


  1. Becci you have given me hope, I can make everything but scones and pastry. OK, I can do the tacky OK but they always say not to handle the dough too much. What did you do once you tipped the dough on the bench?

    1. Not much Rose. I just flattened it out roughly with my hands and then cut it out.
      I was careful not to handle it too much when reforming and all was good.
      The fat ones on the side are the last two that I had mold by hand

  2. It's a pretty perfect, fail safe recipe. Yum!