Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk 21 ~ The Office

June is a great month to tackle the home office. It's coming up tax time, so lets get everything together and set up a system to make next year easier.

Firstly we are going to be looking at filing. What to keep, what not, how you store etc. Of course everyones needs will be different, so this is about finding something that works for you.

Your missions this week:
~ Set up a filing system that works for you
~ File all your paperwork
~ If you have a system set up, now is the time to purge what isn't needed

This is our home office. It's in a very central area of the home. I love that I can sit here and blog and still be with the kids and cooking if need at the same time.
As you can see we have a three drawer filing cabinet. Only the top drawer is for files though. The other two drawers are for our stationery stash and computer bits n pieces.

We have two inboxes on the shelf where the keyboard is meant to be.
The one on the left is for my bits pieces. Order books, print outs etc etc.

The one of the right is our mail inbox.
All mail is sorted straight away. If for some reason it can't it is placed on the keyboard so it is dealt with asap.
Most mail we receive needs some sort of action. Whether it's a form that needs filling in, note from school or an account to be paid.
Accounts are immediately added to our budget spreadsheet and then placed back in the inbox until they are paid. Then they are filed or torn up and thrown out as required.

It's a good idea to set aside time each week to make sure all you filing is up to date. It doesn't take long for it to build up. Half hour a week is all you really need. Maybe think about adding that time to your menu planning time? I run the erands at the same time as I do my grocery shopping, so if you are the same filing while menu planning might work for you.

This is our filing system as it stands now. I haven't done our yearly cull yet. Each June Brian and I go through our filing system. We place anything that we don't need to keep into a box. Brian then burns it down the back yard. You could also shred your sensitive papers if you wish.
The rest of the system gets a tidy up. Delete files that aren't needed, rename some etc etc.

I'd love to see your filling systems if you're game. Link up below or on the BDB Facebook Wall.

Take Care

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