Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk19 ~ Linen Press

Yep the dreaded Linen Press. The linen press was the first thing I blogged about when I started this little blog a bit over a year ago. You can read about it here.

This weeks missions:
~ Sort and declutter your linen

You may not have a linen press but we all have a place where we store it. Sort through, work out how many of each item you have, declutter and organised.
For us we try to stick to having just 2 sets of everything. One for use and one for the wash/cupboard.

Since my original post things have change a bit. The boys are no longer in toddler beds so I have removed all of their baby linen and have bought new single bed linen. So it was reorganised again back in September to accomodate that. Now I have just bought new flannel sheets for the boys too, which take up lots of room. So it's time to do it all again. Plus things have just been getting shoved in there of late too.

My hallway is very dark, so please excuse the quality of the photos.

Here is the horrible before pic:

And the afters:
Shelf 1:
This shelf houses all the miscellaneous bits n pieces
Lambs wools, big bags, less used pillowcases, heat pack covers, christmas stockings etc

Shelf 2:
Back of the second shelf:
This shelf is for the boys linen
L-R: Cotton sheets, spare bottom sheets, quilt covers
Did you notice our lovely wallpaper lined shelves. I don't mind vintage but it's starting to fall apart in many places.
We have the same throughout the kitchen shelves too.

Front of second shelf.
L-R: Spare flannel sheets, pillowcases, second set of flannel sheets

The flannel sheets are to the front of the shelf at the moment as it's cold here.
When the weather warms up and we start to use the cotton sheets, then the flannel ones will go to the back and the cotton to the front.

Shelf 3:
At the back are spare towels and swimming towels.
At the front:
L-R: bath mats with hand towels and face washers on top, Our spare set of towels.

Shelf 4:
On the left are our paper products - toilet paper, a couple of rolls of paper towel and tissues.
On the right are our cleaning rags.At the back the whole towels and in the front smaller pieces.

Bottom Shelf:
On the left is a spare quilt and mattress protector.
On the right, blankets at the back, our spare sheets at the front.

And now for the whole thing!

I'm so happy with how my linen press looks now! Can't stop opening the cupboard doors and taking a peek.

Would love to see your linen press once it's done. Linky tool is below of post up on the Beccis Domestic Bliss Facebook Wall.

Take Care


  1. Ahhhhhhhh! Ok, time to face it. BTW, we use similar coloured towels.

  2. Oh, I have a really neat trick for this, I did mine two months ago and it's stayed clean since!!

    Check it out on my blog post here:

    Love your blog, and get in there ladies.. Would love to see posted results - Before and afters!!

    Melissa x