Thursday, May 10, 2012

Menu Plan 10 ~ 23rd May

{Homemade Pumpkin Soup and Bread}

Ooo the nice cool weather has settled in now. Lovely time for lots of soups and casseroles.
A favourite soup for us is Pumpkin Soup. I tend to make it each fortnight when pumpkins are a good price.
I also love to make veg based soups with or without meat. This fortnight I am finally going to get around to making a lamb shank and veg soup. Mmmmm

It's Mothers Day this fortnight too. Brian is working the afternoon shift so we'll probably just have leftover soup for dinner. But I'll be putting in my order for a nice bacon and egg breakfast!

This fortnights menu:
Thurs ~ Potato Bake and meat (will find something cheap when I shop)
Fri ~ Lamb Shank and Veg Soup with Homemade bread
Sat ~ Spaghetti and Meatballs
Sun ~ Leftover soup
Mon ~ Roast Chicken and veg
Tues ~ Pork Chops and veg
Wed ~ Fried Rice and Chicken Wings

Thurs ~ Sausage Casserole and veg (double batch for Brians lunches)
Fri ~ Hot Dogs
Sat ~ Pumpkin Soup and Homemade bread
Sun ~ Roast Pork and veg
Mon ~ Crumbed Lamb Chops and veg
Tues ~ Steak Sandwiches
Wed ~ Savoury mince and rice

Milo Cake {new recipe}
Honey Cookies {new recipe}
Pumpkin scones
Poke Cake

Would love to see your menu plans for the next week or fortnight. Feel free to link up below if you blog or to post them on the Beccis Domestic Bliss Facebook Wall.

Take Care


  1. We could be best friends ... you slather exactly the right amount of butter on a piece of toast for my liking (and the dollop of sour cream looks spot on too!).