Friday, May 18, 2012

New Furniture!

Our boys have been sharing the same room and furniture for a while now. Including one tallboy between the two of them. Now that they are getting bigger, so are their clothes, which means they aren't fitting very well in the one tallboy.
So we made the decision to keep a look out for a nice second hand solid wood tallboy and then each child will have their own. I've been looking for a couple of months, but nothing suitable or within budget has been available locally. Until yesterday.

There was one nice looking one with a vanity mirror (which didn't really matter to us) for $180 (was $200 but we knocked it down again to $170), so we picked it up last night. Got that sorted, jumped on Facey and was chatting to a friend about it. While searching to see if it was still listed I found another one almost identical for $155 (we knocked it down to $140)! So we arranged to pick it up this morning!

This is what the boys did have:

and now:

Ethans Tallboy.
This is the one we got for $170.
It's nice solid wood. The drawers are on runners and the bottoms of the drawers are tongue and groove.
These normally retail at about $700

Eli's Tallboy.
Bought for $140, retail for at least $400.
This is still quite solid but not as fancy as the other one. Still much better than the melamine one.

I'm so excited about finding these pieces. They will last us so much longer than the other one.

Take Care


  1. Well done you!!!

    I looks amazing Becci your boys will have no problem with a place to keep their clothes now!!
    Jilly oxo

  2. Nice bargain hunting! I am reading your blog from over at down to earth. It is lovely.

  3. well done. We have a good solid wood tallboy in the boys room too and wouldn't be without it.

  4. Very good finds! These are good quality and will last for years to come :)