Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Day Crafty Time

Today is normally playgroup day. But with the weather being so yuck and forecast possible thunder and hail storms we decided to stay home and do our own playgroup.

I set up a Glueing station and a paint station. I also have some printouts of circle tracing that the boys can do after too.

You can see how dark it is here.
I put a piece of old scrappy cardstock down for each of the boys.
they had a pot of glue each, a pair of really cut (but completely hopeless) scissors, paper trimmer, more paper, various pom poms, foam stickers in dinosaurs, letters and stars, pipe cleaners, sticker sheets and coloured mini pop sticks.

 Eli painting using some new refillable paint brushes.

I bought these paint brushes the other week and finally got them out to use.
Great idea I think although take a bit of getting used to.
The advantage is there isn't any wasted paint and they seem to be less messy, although I'm sure those are famous last words.

Do you have a favourite activity that you like to do with your kids when the weather isn't being very kind? Would love to see it. Link up below, new post, old post, doesn't matter, lets get sharing!!!

Take Care

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Menu Planning 21st June ~ 4th July

A bit of a rushed menu plan this week so it might be a bit different.

Thurs ~ Meat pie and veg
Fri ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Sat ~ Tortellini Minestrone Soup (thanks Sarah)
Sun ~ Corned Beef
Mon ~ Honey Baked Drumsticks
Tues ~ Shepherds Pie
Wed ~ Sausage Rolls

Thurs ~ Crumbed Chops and veg
Fri ~ Boscaiola style Pasta
Sat ~ Roast Chicken
Sun ~ Pumpkin Soup
Mon ~ Baked Spuds
Tues ~ Toasties
Wed ~ Sausages and veg

Milo scrolls!!!
Choc chip and oat slice and biscuits
Lemon Dumpkings

Take Care

Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Get Organised Week24 ~ Catch up week

Today I am feeling a little snowed under blog wise so lets have a bit of a catch up week. Pick any project form the previous 23 weeks that you may have missed and give it a shot.
I know I still have more electronic clutter to work through.
And if you are all caught up then fabulous, you can have a week off, or go back and see if you need to tweak things a little :)

So there you go, something fairly simple for this week.

Take Care

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pinwheel Meatloaf ~ Recipe

My dear friend Ings posted this recipe on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and I know I just had to try it. Ings is such a lovely person she even gave me permission to post this family favourite of hers on BDB!

A fairly easy recipe, but something a little out of the norm. Quite  cheap meal and everyone loved it. I have some fab ideas for a few different versions I hope to try over the next couple of months.

1T oil
1/2C finely chopped onion
1C instant seasoning/stuffing
1T chopped parsley
1/3C water
1 cooked carrots (cut into quarters lengthwise

680g mince
1 egg
1/2C raw rolled oats
1 1/2t salt
2/3C undiluted evaporated milk

4 streaky bacon rashers
1/4C tomato sauce
1T brown sugar

Cook carrots and put aside
Cue onions finely and saute in the oil until soft.
Add stuffing, parsley and water and mix well.
Combine meatloaf ingredients and mix well.
Place meatloaf ingredients onto some baking paper and pat out to a rectangle about A4 size (or you can make it bigger and thinner if you like).
Spread the stuffing on top, then arrange carrots lengthwise down the center.
Roll up like a swiss roll, peeling the baking paper off.
Place bacon over the top and secure with toothpicks.
Brush lightly with topping sauce and bake in a 200C-215C oven for 45 mins.
Take out and brush with remaining topping and place back in oven for 10 mins.
Slice to serve.

Hope you give this recipe a go. So yummy.

Take Care

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poke Cake ~ Recipe

So one day a while back I came across a very scrummy looking idea. Poke Cake. OMG It looked so yum. You can find the original post here, but there are other variations on the blog too.
Then I got to thinking....I could so go one better.

I started by making my Rich Butter Cake.

and poured it into my lined cake tin and baked it.

Turn the cake out to cool for a little while. Remove any baking paper. 

Carefully place the cake back into the tin and poke holes all over using the end of a wooden spoon.

Make up your choice of jelly using half the amount of water. I chose Raspberry Jelly. I used two packets for this cake.

Pour the jelly over the cake, making sure that the jelly gets in the holes.

Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours or until the jelly is nice and set.

Make up 1Ltr of custard (1Ltr milk, 3 heaped tablespoons of custard powder, 3 tablespoons of sugar and a good dash of vanilla)

Pour custard over the cake evenly while still fairly warm, sprinkle with coconut and chill in the fridge for a few hours. Even better if this is made the day before.

I use about a 25cm cake tin and this would serve heaps if you were catering or needed to take a dessert somewhere. Very economical too.

I also made a double choc version using the Frugal Choc Mud Cake and Homemade Yogo recipes both from the Stay At Home Mum site. OMG! It was so rich! So many different flavour combos you can try.
If you give this a go please let me know!

Take Care

Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk 23 ~ Digital Declutter

Digital clutter is one area many of us rarely consider when decluttering. It's stashed away where you can't really see it. Doesn't seem to take up much room but it's something that is good to clear out for your computers health.

This weeks missions:
~ Back up your computer
~ Back up your photos
~ Declutter your bookmarks

A little while back I had a bit of a panic. Our computer stopped working and I had nearly 4 years work of baby photos on the hard drive! I had a small external hard drive sitting there that I was meant to transfer them all to but hadn't got around to it.
Luckily for us it was just the power supply box that had gone and the hard drive itself was fine. I got stuck into the photos straight away and managed to transfer about half of the photos. But the other half are sitting there still!

I'm lucky that Brian has backed up the computer and takes care of that quite regularly for me. We bought a 1TB hard drive from Big W I think to back everything up on.

Since finding Pinterest I don't use my bookmarks nearly as much as I used to. Of course I have forums and some blogs bookmarked that I use regularly but most of the recipes I use are now on Pinterest.
So I do need to go through my bookmarks and work out which ones I can delete as they are no longer used, Pin the recipes that I have there and generally sort them out.
That will take time but I figure if I spend about half an hour a day it will soon get done.

Take Care

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Menu Plan 7th ~ 20th June

{Poke Cake - recipe coming soon}

This fortnight contains part of our hell week where Brian is working nights. So we have easy meals on that night. I'm trying to not buy much meat this fortnight too, so working on what is in the freezer.
Randall has also asked if we can have pasta on friday nights so he can carb load a little before his hockey game on saturday mornings.

Thurs ~ Hot Dogs
Fri ~ Boscaiola style pasta and garlic bread
Sat ~ Beef and vegie soup
Sun ~ Baked spuds
Mon ~ Corned Beef
Tues ~ Fried Rice and Chicken Wings
Wed ~ Stroganoff meatballs and veg

Thurs ~ Ings Stuffed Meatloaf
Fri ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise and Garlic Bread
Sat ~ Pumpkin Soup
Sun ~ Roast Chicken
Mon ~ Sausages and veg
Tues ~ Baked drumsticks and veg
Wed ~ Steak sandwiches

Amish Cookies {new}
Banana Boost Bars {new}
Sugar Free Carrot and Date Cake {new}
Sweet Potato and Vanilla Cake {new}
Poke Cake
Golden Syrup Dumplings
Pizza Scrolls

Would love to see your menu plans. Link up below or post on the BDB Facebook Wall :)

Take Care

Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk 22 ~ Re-evaluation

I thought this week we'd re-evaluate our mail stations that we created earlier in the year.

This weeks missions:
~ Re-evaluate your mail station
~ Make any adjustments that are needed
~ Catch up on some filing

My mail station is working pretty well. But I do have lots of bits n pieces that need dealing with, so I'll be sorting through those.
Also to continue along with last weeks mission lets work on sorting through that filing if needed.

I'd love to hear how yours is going. Is it working well? Did it need tweaking? Link up below or post away on the BDB Facebook Wall.

Take Care