Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk 23 ~ Digital Declutter

Digital clutter is one area many of us rarely consider when decluttering. It's stashed away where you can't really see it. Doesn't seem to take up much room but it's something that is good to clear out for your computers health.

This weeks missions:
~ Back up your computer
~ Back up your photos
~ Declutter your bookmarks

A little while back I had a bit of a panic. Our computer stopped working and I had nearly 4 years work of baby photos on the hard drive! I had a small external hard drive sitting there that I was meant to transfer them all to but hadn't got around to it.
Luckily for us it was just the power supply box that had gone and the hard drive itself was fine. I got stuck into the photos straight away and managed to transfer about half of the photos. But the other half are sitting there still!

I'm lucky that Brian has backed up the computer and takes care of that quite regularly for me. We bought a 1TB hard drive from Big W I think to back everything up on.

Since finding Pinterest I don't use my bookmarks nearly as much as I used to. Of course I have forums and some blogs bookmarked that I use regularly but most of the recipes I use are now on Pinterest.
So I do need to go through my bookmarks and work out which ones I can delete as they are no longer used, Pin the recipes that I have there and generally sort them out.
That will take time but I figure if I spend about half an hour a day it will soon get done.

Take Care

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