Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Day Crafty Time

Today is normally playgroup day. But with the weather being so yuck and forecast possible thunder and hail storms we decided to stay home and do our own playgroup.

I set up a Glueing station and a paint station. I also have some printouts of circle tracing that the boys can do after too.

You can see how dark it is here.
I put a piece of old scrappy cardstock down for each of the boys.
they had a pot of glue each, a pair of really cut (but completely hopeless) scissors, paper trimmer, more paper, various pom poms, foam stickers in dinosaurs, letters and stars, pipe cleaners, sticker sheets and coloured mini pop sticks.

 Eli painting using some new refillable paint brushes.

I bought these paint brushes the other week and finally got them out to use.
Great idea I think although take a bit of getting used to.
The advantage is there isn't any wasted paint and they seem to be less messy, although I'm sure those are famous last words.

Do you have a favourite activity that you like to do with your kids when the weather isn't being very kind? Would love to see it. Link up below, new post, old post, doesn't matter, lets get sharing!!!

Take Care


  1. That looks like fun!

    The weather is headed our way.

  2. We have the same painting brush/pen things and I thought the same thing. Took my son about two seconds to work out if you just squeeze, the paint bubbles out. It is runnier than normal paint so it can be squeezed out. He just squeezed and finger painted instead.

  3. These look like fun wet weather activities.Enjoy yourselves.