Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk 28 ~ DVD's

This is our last week is the Family Room.

If there is one thing that needs a good sort out for us, other than toys, that would be our DVD's. We don't keep them in their cases much. The most commonly used ones are kept in a DVD case where we can just slip them out. Saves so much more room. But the kids do get to them and they can get pretty grotty from time to time. So....

This weeks missions are:
~ Tidy your DVD's, PlayStation/Wii games
~ Give them a clean
~ Run a cleaning system through your machines

Hopefully this will be a pretty easy task and not take too long.

Would love for you to share your DVD and 'video' games storage systems. Link up below or post to the BDB Facebook Wall.

Take Care

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