Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk29 ~ Dining Room

This week we start on a new room!!! The Dining room!!!

The dining room for many people tends to be a catch all space. Either the dining table is covered with stuff that you have to clear off each night for dinner, or you eat in front of the tv because you can't be bothered. Or there is a sideboard that tends to have everything dumped on it.
Either way this month we will get it organised!

This weeks missions:
~ Clear off the dining table
~ Give it a good clean and polish, including the chairs
~ Set with a nice table cloth
~ Eat here every night once it's cleared :)

We sit at the table every night for dinner so our table isn't cluttered, but please don't open the hutch!

Would love to see what your dining table looks like. Before and Afters would be fabulous. Please link up below or post up on the BDB Facebook Wall.

Take Care

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  1. Ah yes! My dining table also doubles as my sewing table at the moment as we haven't the space since the twins came along! It drives me batty as i hate a cluttered table and try so hard to keep it clear so that we can all eat around it....but sometimes i just can't bear to put all the sewing gear away as i 'might' just be able to finish it tomorrow!!!