Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lets Get Organised Wks 26 & 27~ The Family Room

This month we are going to focus on the Family Room. The main items in our family room that need to be decluttered and organised on an on going basis are the boys toys.

This weeks missions:
~ Declutter your childrens toys
~ Organise them

My boys birthday are soon, Ethans at the end of the month and Eli's is six weeks later. So now is the perfect time to declutter their toys to make way to the next lot they'll receive. We don't tend to buy them many toys but buy the time friends and family buy they end up with so much!

My life is pretty crazy here at the moment. I have the usual things happening like two young children, Lime Tree, personal craftiness for pleasure and presents and I am also helping to fundraise for a local family (more about that soon). So I think this will be a project to do over two weeks instead of the usual one. I know I'm going to need the extra time, how about you?

I'd love to see how you store your childrens toys. Link up below with your blog post or share your pics on the BDB Facebook page. Do you have any questions about how best to store your kids toys? Then ask away at BDB too!

Take Care

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