Monday, July 23, 2012

Levi and Lilly

Yesterday was my brothers nieces 1st birthday party. She is so adorable. I had to make something special. It was her brothers 3rd birthday on Mothers Day too but we decided to stay home for Mothers Day this year seeing as Brian actually had the morning off (read I got to sleep in!!). So that was 2 presents I got to have fun with.

First of all I made Levi's present. What little boy doesn't need a special box to put his special treasures in. I used a Kaiser trinket box and decorated it with Kaisers Cockadoodledoo range. You see Levi just loves horses, but I didn't want the box to be too kiddish, I wanted it to grow with him. So I used lots of the patterned papers for the box but had to include a layered chippie on his card.

Then there was Lilly's present. OMG to be able to play with cute girls papers was just heaven!!!

I used a Kaiser Trinket set for this too along with their Fine and Sunny range.
The crocheted goodies are from Lime Tree Creations and the little resin flowers are from Handmade Halo.
Normally I paint the insides of my drawer sets but this time I lined them with more pp.

I absolutely loved creating these pieces and can't wait to get cracking on some more presents soon!

Take Care

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  1. Oh my goodness are so clever...they are absolutely gorgeous presents!!!