Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gardening for a beginner!

Yep that's me. I've always loved gardens, loved the idea of gardening, but I am so not a gardener. I do not have a green thumb at all. Have been rather successful with herbs in the past but anything else didn't have a chance!
Luckily Brians on hand for some advice, he's the green thumb in this house

But I have decided that I really want to grow some things of our own. Would love to have a massive vegie patch but our water bill is huge enough as it is. Yeah we have rain water but rather keep that for drinking.

Our before shots. Well not quite before, had started getting things organised then remembered to take a photo!

Brian transplanted the pelargonium? from the corner into the backyard so that he had room to move the succulents around and give me room for the sunflowers.

The succulents.

So I have started with some good standard basics. Tomatoes. I don't eat them at all, but the rest of the fam does. I thought two plants to start with would be good, one normal tomato and one cherry. Brian picked which ones he wanted and thought were good (he is the green thumb). The cherry tomato actually had two plants in it so that was a bit of a bargain. We plan to use the trellis to grow the plants up on.

I also wanted to start up my herbs again. I forgot I had these cute pots in the shed! We have Parsley, Thyme, Oregano and Basil. We already have a massive rosemary bush in the backyard and I'll add some others as time goes on.

The boys asked quite nicely (a pleasant change) if they could plant some flower seeds. So I chose a dwarf sunflower variety. We have planted 4 seeds, fingers crossed they come up. They are planted in the section behind the herbs there.

While the succulents were being moved I took the opportunity to plant a couple in an old fish bowl for indoors. Hope they go well. Not done that before.

And our after shots including my cheeky monkeys:

The freesias are looking a little flat after their water but they'll pick up soon.

Stay tuned for updates!

Take Care


  1. Very for your freesias going to seed and collect the seeds for next Spring...they are quite a big seed so the boys will be able to help too. You're setting a great example for your "Cheeky Monkeys"

    1. Thanks Sue. Hmm maybe they aren't freesias? They are a bulb that come up each year.
      I'm hoping that buy getting the kids to help that they'll stop pulling up stuff in the garden. We have some lovely Gladdys that come up each year and they just rip them up and use them as swords! Such boys!

  2. It's amazing how quickly you can become a gardener. Tony does most of it here but I help out and know a lot more now.

  3. Great going Becci :)

    Like everything gardening takes practice and research. If I can grow a veggie garden here in the dry, you can too! I prefer to grow stuff we can eat, especially if I am going to be paying for the water...We do have rain water in storage but need to set up some sort of pump to get it to the veggie garden. Gardening is a joint venture for both hubby and I. He builds the garden beds and adds the dirt, manure etc. I plant the plants, and tend the garden...

    Getting your boys interested in gardening is a great thing and they will love it, most kids do. Good luck, I look forward to seeing your progress :)


  4. Becci they sure are Freesias. Freesia Alba and the bulbs will multiply and flower annually. I love the smell of Freesias don't you?

    1. Yes they are lovely. Think I might cut some and bring inside actually