Thursday, August 16, 2012

Menu Plan 16 ~ 29th August

This weeks menu includes a few family favourites that I'll be trying in a DreamPot that I am borrowing from a friend. You can read all about DreamPots here and I'll have a post up about it once I have tried these recipes.

Thurs ~ Pasta Alfredo and Garlic Bread
Fri ~ Corned Beef (DreamPot)
Sat ~ Farewell dinner out
Sun ~ Meatball Subs
Mon ~ Roast Lamb (DreamPot)
Tues ~ Apricot Chicken and rice(DreamPot)
Wed ~ Shepherds Pie

Thurs ~ Marinated Chicken fillets and fried rice
Fri ~ Hamburgers
Sat ~ Hocks and veg soup
Sun ~ Roast chicken
Mon ~ Beef Casserole (DreamPot)
Tues ~ Lamb chops and veg
Wed ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise and garlic bread

I'll also be making a Chicken and Veg soup for the freezer.

We're trying to loose a little bit of weight here too so the baking has been drastically reduced. I am going to try some desserts in the DreamPot though!
~ Apple Cinnamon Delight
~ Fruity Rice Pudding Cake
~ Creamed Rice
~ Baked Custard
~ Milky Sago

Do you have a DreamPot or other brand Thermal Cooker? What do you think of them? Would love to hear!

Take Care

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