Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eli's Rainbow Birthday Cake

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My baby boy turned 3 on Monday! No babies in the house now, well until the grandies come along, but that will be a few years away.

A few months ago I sat Ethan and Eli down in front of Pinterest and worked out what cake they each wanted for their birthdays. Ethan wanted an excavator cake, which he's had, and Eli wanted a rainbow cake.

I was a tad excited at that idea. I had been wanting to make one for well over a year, since they first went viral.

I used my Rich Butter Cake recipe x 2. Each batch was divided into 3. I used these colours from Baking Pleasures in Tulip Red, Electric Orange, Lemon Yellow, Electric Green, Electric Blue and Regal Purple.
I cheated a little and used Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting. 3 tubs! One for the filling, part of one for the top and the rest for the sides. It's very sweet though.
I was a little worried about it sliding and ending up in a heap but it was fine.

 Crispy m&m's for decoration. The cake stood about 18cm high.

Look at him! Totally chuffed with his cake. He didn't actually want me to cut it!

Here is Eli about to blow out his candles.

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The cut cake. Love how the colours turned out!

Eli received lots of fabulous presents but one of his faves was this awesome rainbow book from Grandma.

Have you made a rainbow cake you? How'd you go?

Take Care


  1. The cake looks fantastic! Well done.

  2. I've never made a rainbow cake! Yours turned out great and he looks really pleased with it. Nice job.

  3. OMG Becci your rainbow cake 'takes the cake' you might say. You did a super job. Aren't the colours glorious. Happy birthday Eli.

  4. Wow, that looks fantastic! And his face is just priceless. My Miss6 wants one of these for her 7th birthday in a couple of weeks time. I'm considering attempting half the height, and in cupcake form. Someone notify the fire brigade...I'm going to be baking A LOT...

  5. Wow! I love this, the colours are amazingly bright.

  6. GORGEOUS! That face is adorable :)

  7. Oh wow that's fantastic! And a book to match what's more. Bet he was one happy boy (with a brightly coloured tongue)!

  8. I'm DYING to make a rainbow cake! You bloggers make it look so easy with your gorgeous pics! My kids birthdays don't fall until next year so I have plenty of time to practice.

  9. Wow! I haven't made a rainbow cake but may have to give it a go. It looks like a challenge to me!
    Prue x

  10. Hi, i found your blog while googling, I made the rainbow using your butter cake recipe , i just made few adjustments, I swopped the custard powder for flour so in total i used 2 & 3/4 cup flour & 2 & 3/4 Teaspoon baking powder. the cake was devine, soft & moist. i am from Durban, South Africa. check out my facebook page: sugar2spicez cakes. I have a picture of the cake there, I used the cake to make my birthday cake, madagascar circus cake:) many thanks for sharing the recipe

    1. Fabulous. So glad you enjoyed my recipe. Your cake looks fab!