Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's Get Organised ~ My Medicine Cabinet

A couple of weeks ago our mission was to declutter and organise our Medicine Cupboards. I thought I'd share mine with you now that I have the containers for them.

These are my before pics:

Lots of the stuff behind the basket was thrown out or rehoused. I decluttered the medicines putting aside the out of date and unwanted medications and taking them to my local pharmacy so they can be disposed of safely.

Then I sorted everything into groups. Pain relief, coughs and colds, first aid, Brians meds, misc.

Here is the after:

I bought these two green containers from Big W for under $8 each.
The top container holds our basic first aid items like bandaids and antiseptic creams as well as items related to coughs and colds like syrups, vicks and lip balm.
The bottom container is for our other medications and prescriptions.
The seagrass basic just fits down the side and this houses our pain relief, as that's what we go for the most as well as my daily meds (glucosomine and a womans multi).

Hopefully this will work for us. It certainly looks much better!

Take Care

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  1. I have a cupboard much the same size and just have a basket for everything but I am always hunting for different creams and ointments so will buy a separate container to house them. Now I just need to tackle my container cupboard!

    Cheers - Joolz