Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk34 ~ Medicine Cupboard

Welcome to September! This month we are going to focus on the bathroom.

My medicine cupboard isn't in the bathroom these days for safety reasons but I know many do keep theirs in there.

Your missions this week are:
~ discard any out of date medicines
~ check through scripts for any out of date
~ make a list of scripts that need to be refilled or renewed soon
~ check first aid supplies and make a list of things to buy
~ general tidy and organise

This is one task I have been meaning to get to for ages. It won't take long I know, maybe about half hour, but as with most things it's the thought of doing it that's worse than the actual job.

Will be definitely getting to it this week though.

Would love to see how you organise your medicines. Please link up below or share on the Becci's Domestic Bliss Facebook Wall.

Take Care


  1. Well I am one step ahead of myself! I did all of the things you listed yesterday. I wanted to update our first aid kit that we take when travelling so down came the 'medicine box' out of the cupboard. I thew out lots of out of date stuff (wart off, Murine, cough medicine, ointments,tablets, aspirin, cold and flu tabs)and made a note of things to refill it and the first aid kit - just who does use up all the bandaids??

    A good job done!