Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk36 ~ Shower and Bath

This week we are going to deep clean our showers and baths. Not everyone will have both so just do what suits your home.

Your missions this week:
~ deep clean your bath
~ deep clean you shower
~ declutter items from your shower caddy
~ declutter items around your bath

I try to clean my shower and bath every week. However often a week is missed due to being busy, sick or just plain slack.

I personally like to use Shower Power in my bathroom. Not the greenest of cleaners I know but it isn't an over powering bleach based cleaner either.
I find that using this with a little elbow grease (not much) cleans my shower and bath brilliantly.
I just spray it on and then give it a wipe over with my special sponge, rinse and it's clean!

I have a sponge that I bought at Big W about 6 years ago (yep it's still going) that I use to clean with. It's a basic sponge with an outcover. One side is a chamoise type material and the other is a plastic mesh. The mesh is fantastic for scrubbing.
Unfortunately they don't sell them separately anymore. I have seen one very similar in a pack of other cleaning cloths in Big W though. I think it was around the $7 mark for the whole pack. When they last 6 years and counting that's pretty economical.

I also keep some homebrand bleach in a spray bottle and attack any mould that arises straight away with it.

I store the Shower Power and bleach hung over the wall of the shower, and the cloth sits in a spot on the shower caddy. No excuse not to give at least some of the shower a scrub while I'm waiting for the hair conditioner to do it's thing.

While we are deep cleaning it might be useful to have an old toothbrush handy to get into any tight spots you might have in your shower or bath.

Take Care


  1. Bec, our main bathroom is a dark-ish south facing room so mould is a problem. I've been using Earth Choice cleaner with very good results. Through winter I Shower Powered it about monthly, now that the warmer weather is here I expect the EC to work fine.

  2. Hi Becci did you know good old white vinegar also inhibits mould growth on all surfaces in the shower?
    I had tried all sorts of cleaners some with good results and some not so good but white vinegar won't knock your socks off either while you are cleaning. You will need some elbow grease as you would with most cleaners. Oh and you won't get bleach spots on your clothes either :o)

    1. Thanks. I have tried vinegar before but it just hasn't worked very well for us. I always clean our shower while I am showering at night so I don't have to stress about my clothes. After I have given it a good clean, if there is still mould I then spray it as I step out of the shower. I've found this the best way for us.