Friday, September 7, 2012


One of Eli's favourite things in the world right now is rainbows. He has loved spotting them this last winter and has requested a rainbow cake for his birthday.
I've been wanting to make one for a while so of course I said yes.

I ordered some AmeriColor oil based food dyes to use from Baking Pleasures. Whilst I will be using Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting for this cake these are meant to be great for using with buttercream too. I hate the buttercream splitting when using water based food colours.

I doubled my favourite cupcake recipe and split it into 6 bowls.

 Tulip Red, Electric Orange, Lemon Yellow

Electric Green, Electric Blue, Regal Purple

I had to use a fair bit of the red and probably could have used a little more. The purple wasn't quite as vibrant once cooked either, but that's why I have done a test run :)

Rainbow cupcakes all lined up. I think the colours look fab! 
The kids have loved them and by the looks they are eating them for lunch!

Take Care


  1. A spoonful of each colour in a patty pan would make pretty rainbow ones! :)

    1. There ended up being a few of them actually. I poured the leftover batters together