Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Choc Chip Banana Caramel Pie

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided that I would like a Banana Caramel Pie for my birthday 'cake'.
I saw some links on Pinterest to some pies using a choc chip cookie base instead of the usual pastry so thought I'd give that a go.

I just used my Condensed Milk Cookie dough. About 1/2 the batch made two big pies. I baked them at 180C for I think about half an hour? I didn't really look at the time, when they were nice and golden I took them out.
I thought the bases seemed a little thick, hard to get them thin with the choc chips, but they turned out fine. The edges were a little thick though.

I boiled up the best caramel ever but popping these two cans of sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan of water. Make sure the cans are covered. Bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer and cook for about 3 hours. Making sure the water doesn't evaporate, just top up if needed.
I have used generic and brand name cans. Normal topped and pull ring and all work just as well as each other.
You can also do this in the slow cooker. If you have a white slow cooker insert like I do, I would recommend placing some alfoil in the bottom of the insert to stop any rust marks. Black inserts wouldn't be a problem though.
Cover with water and cook on low for 7-8 hours.

Makes the best caramel. This one isn't as dark as usual but still tastes yummo!
You can keep this for months in the fridge. Apparently goes well just back in the cupboard too but I haven't been game to try that. Couldn't bare to have caramel go off!

Then when it comes to assembling the pie you just slice bananas on the bottom. Pour over the caramel. Better to do this while it's still warm from cooking otherwise it can be a pain to try and spread it without dislodging the bananas.
If you've poured it warm allow to cool and then top with whipped cream.

Take Care


  1. What a totally naughty dessert - perfect for your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

    Cheers, Joolz

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    OMG.....what a wicked dessert, perfect for a birthday treat :0)

  3. Happy Birthday Becci!!! Thank you for sharing this delicious dessert :) I am so glad you shared how to make the caramel. I had no idea you could do this and will try it myself. :)

  4. Oh yum. That sounds delicious.

  5. All I can say it Oh My Goodness!!! That looks amazing! Thanks so much for linking up. I am off to make sure I don't miss anymore of your blog posts.