Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas 2011 ~ A basket for my sister

For my sister I made some baked apple pie sugar scrub, hand crocheted some face washers and some make up pads and added some handmade soap to a basket.
Excuse the dodgy night time photo, I took this late on Christmas Eve as I was wrapping.

Take Care


  1. Becci - you are SO talented! What a gorgeous gift - I'd be thrilled to receive that :)

  2. Oh what a beautiful gift! Do you happen to have the recipe for the sugar scrub? I made up some scrub last year for gifts that was more liquid. This would be wonderful as well if you don't mind sharing. What a thoughtful gift for your sister I have no doubts she was thrilled :)

    1. I pretty much winged it. I looked at a few different recipes online and then did a combo of them all.
      I remember though that I didn't need much olive oil and that if I let it sit for a couple of days it turned more liquid. So I made this up a week or so before hand and checked it each day, adding more sugar as I went to sit was more dry.
      The basic ingredients were sugar, olive oil, cinnamon and baked apple pi fragrance oil.