Friday, October 5, 2012

Do you Nanna Nap?

Yesterday I had a Nanna Nap for the first time in months!
I don't normally nap during the day as I find it usually affects how I sleep at night. I can never get to bed at a decent hour and if I do I have a very restless sleep as I'm not really tired.
But yesterday I had to go to bed. I have a slight headcold. The normal symptoms aren't too bad, just yet at least. Mostly just a dry throat and the sneezes. But the last couple of days have been very exhausting.
Yesterday we were out in the morning running some basic errands and I was falling asleep in the car at 10.30am!!
So by 1.30 I'd had enough and went to bed. Eli came for a nap too.
I was so grateful that today was one of Brians days off so he was able to watch Ethan and then Eli when he woke.
Brian was such a darling that he cooked dinner, a yummy vegie ladened lamb stew made with lamb offcuts, brought in all the dry washing and folded and washed more and hung it out.

Normally I find having a cuppa tea between 1pm ~ 2pm will get me through the afternoon slump that I know so many stay at home mums suffer from. But that was just not going to cut it yesterday.

Do you Nanna Nap? How do you cope with the afternoon slump?

Take Care


  1. I could desperately use a nanna nap, I have one baby that naps, one that will watch tv and one that will play his vtech video game for roughly the same time each day so i use the time to put my feet up, sometimes i might accidentally doze off but the older boys wake me.

  2. Sometimes I too need a nanna does make a difference so it was nice that you had someone to watch littlies for you. x

  3. As I get older I am finding I need a nana nap, usually on the weekend. If I sit to watch TV in the afternoon, I get quite sleepy. We lead busy lives, running here and there with expectations thrust upon us, no wonder we crash and burn. Reading some of what you do each day with your boys and your general housework and zipping around makes me tired! An organised woman is a force to be reckoned with!