Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kindy Lunchbox :)

Yesterday was Ethans first day at full time kindy. My first time packing a full lunchbox in years! Randall refuses to take one now, and before that he was packing his own for a few years anyway.

Excuse the bad lighting, I took these photos last night when I packed it.
I'm lucky that Ethan is a pretty good eater so that helps packing it so much better.
I love this lunchbox. Love all the compartments and that the little containers on the left hand side have screw on lids. Excellent for yoghurt and custards.

Apricot yoghurt and a mandarin

Left over meat pattie {Nannas BBQ Patties}, cheese and BBQ sauce on multigrain bread.

On the left: sliced cuccumber and a triangle of Happy Cow cheese as a treat.
On the right: pretzels, banana chips, dried apricots and sultanas.

He also has an apple for morning tea that is place on a tray in the kindy kitchen.
Water is available all day for them to drink.

He managed to eat everything except for the pretzels etc. Glad I packed enough for him :)

Tomorrow is baking day. I haven't baked in a while. I'll be trying a new recipe or two for low sugar/fat muffins to keep the kindy happy :)

Do you have a fave healthy cake, muffin or cookie recipe that you include in your childs lunchbox?

Take Care


  1. We have exactly the same lunchboxes, they are very handy.

  2. Did Ethan enjoy his first day of Kindy?

    1. He loved it. He was going to pre entry sessions last term but they were only half days.
      He was tired but totally wired and didn't go to sleep til nearly 8pm!

  3. Good to hear. I remember when one of my grand-daughters first started Kindy she loved it too. Although after the first week she thought she had learned enough or so she told her Mum :o)

  4. Good idea to pack alot. I do that too so if Emily drops something she still has enough to fill her tummy. Does that lunchbox have a cooler compartment somehow?

    1. Yeah it does. The sandwich actually sits on a removeable insert so that you can place a brick underneath it and the sandwich won't get soggy. You can take the insert out though so you have a nice deep section for a salad.
      Plus you buy 'skin's for them. They are a cover that's made form wetsuit material to help keep them cool.
      I haven't bought the skin yet, hoping that I can pick one up at the back to school sales.
      You can see the details better here (click on the lunch section)