Thursday, October 11, 2012

Menu Plan 11th ~ 24th October

This fortnight starts our frugal meal plans. I have tried to mix things up a bit so that we are having meals with veg regularly and the not so healthy meals are mixed up as well.

I'll also be making quite a few desserts to pad out our meals a bit.

Thurs ~ Tortellini Alfredo (tortellini in the freezer from a planned meal months ago)
Fri ~ Sausage and veg
Sat ~ Hot dogs
Sun ~ Cannned spaghetti on toast
Mon ~ Impossible Pie and veg
Tues ~ Chow Mein (have hokkien noodles in the freezer from a while ago too)
Wed ~ Baked chicken pieces and veg

Thurs ~ Beans on Baked Spuds (using leftover Special Baked Beans I froze last fortnight)
Fri ~ Mac n Cheese
Sat ~ Fish fingers and veg
Sun ~ Eggs on toast
Tues ~ Tuna Mornay
Wed ~ Burgers (made with Nannas BBQ Patties)

Creamed Rice
Jelly fruit
Apple Crumble

Fruit Cake

Do you menu plan? Would love for you to share your post, link up below or post over on the Beccis Domestic Bliss FaceBook Wall.

Take Care


  1. Oh my, just looked up your Poke Cake Recipe, will be trying this. The cake just looks so moist and yummy.

    1. It really is, and last for quite a while in the fridge. Feeds quite a few too

  2. I menu plan as well. It is the best way to sort out what you are going to make and keep on track when life gets busy. It is good for the budget as well and keeps the temptation for fast food to a minimum because you already have food cooking at home, or know exactly what you will be making when arriving home. Your menu looks good!