Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Beginings, New Routines

Tomorrow Ethan starts full time kindy. He has a full day on mondays and morning sessions on wednesday and thursdays.

Seeing as I have the whole day monday with just Eli and I, I want to make that a rather special day for us, or at least the morning.
Currently that is my Weekly Home Blessing time, so my routine needed a reshuffle.
I have been pondering over what changes I'll make for a couple of months now and think I have come up with the best option.

This is what my current routine is meant to be, yep meant to be, rarely does it happen exactly as it states though, but a girl needs a plan:

and this is my new one:

Hope you can see that ok, a little blurry I know but the best I can do, must learn some fancy computer tricks.

I shop fortnightly on a thursday so on my 'off week' I'll do the Weekly Home Blessing and the following week I'll do it on the Saturday as Brian works that weekend. Will still have the weekend he has off free that way.
Eli will have mondays with me, at least the morning anyways.
Baking will now be Tuesdays, a little weird but the best fit I can make.
I have lots of gaps. I still need to work in decluttering and blogging into that but I'll see how it goes for a couple of weeks first.

Do you have a new routines with the start of the new school term?

Take Care


  1. Your on track! I passed on a liebster award to you, chose everyone from those participating in the blogtoberfest. And since I like reading your blog, I had to put you on there :)

    1. Thanks so much! I was blog surfing eariler and saw the award. Rather chuffed. Have been compiling my list and questions and will blog it later in the week :)

  2. Wow what a great idea. I have been thinking about giving myself a weekly plan for baking, cooking, housework etc. This is great.

  3. I love doing up and changing schedules, mine looks lovely and colourful just like yours.

  4. Becci what is a 'Weekly Home Blessing'?

    1. Weekly Home Blessing is a FlyLady term. It's where you give your whole house a quick going over in an hour.
      Mines progressed from that to being pretty much a full house clean but I still call it WHB.
      You can read more about mine here:

  5. Thanks for explaining the terminology Becci. Unbeknownst to me I have been doing a Weekly Home Blessing for the last 50 years. Unfortunately I can't get everything done on one day now so I split my jobs up over several days. Works just fine :o)

    1. That's fabulous you have worked out a way that works for you :)