Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Room of Shame ~ Take 2 ~ Day 1

Six months ago I started working on my Room of Shame (aka Craft Room). I did a few days and then that was it. Didn't do any more. Was always some excuse not to continue. You can read about those first few days here and here.

While none of that work has been undone, lots more mess has been added to it.

Here are my new before photos:

I had actually started on the table as you walk in before I remembered to take photos. This table was covered with various things.
I concentrated on sorting out the table against the wall and removing everything off the trestle table in front of the window.

Today's after photos:

Excuse the back lit photos, can't wait to be able to get to those blinds and clean them!

Tomorrow I hope to be venturing back in there for some more fun.

Take Care


  1. Hey Becci! I was thrilled that you commented on my blog! I had previously tried looking to see if you has a blog but nothing came up so am glad to have found you now!

    I LOVE organizing and making better 'systems' in my home and look forward to following your progress!

  2. Wow! nice work, my garage is my room of shame... maybe one day i might step foot inside it again