Monday, November 19, 2012

Lunchbox Inspiration

Ethan's lunch box today
Fresh mango
Apricot yoghurt
Mini quiche
Leftover drumettes from last nights dinner
Banana Oat Cup
Banana pikelets
Dried apricots, sultanas, goji berries, craisins and banana chips
Rice crackers, cheese and cuccumber
He also has a water in his water bottle to drink

Take Care 


  1. Can you come and pack my lunchboxes for me too, that looks amazingly yummy!!!

    1. Thanks. I love packing the kids lunch boxes atm. I'm sure I'll get sick of it soon enough. It's a fairly cheap lunch box too

  2. Forget Gang of 7, just pack mine please! ;)

  3. A feast fit for a king! I bet he has envious kindy buddies!

  4. Wow does he eat it all?

    1. Most days he would eat it all, or at least 95% of it. Today obviously wasn't a very hungry day.
      Some days he comes home with everything eaten so I usually pack more next time as I'd rather he didn't eat it all than be hungry.
      Often what he doesn't polish off at kindy he'll eat when he gets home or his younger brother will raid it once he's home too

  5. where did you get his lunch box from? Would love to get one for Elly.

    1. I got mine from Woolies. About $14 each. Comes with everything bar the ice brick (but have plenty of them). You can also buy a wetsuit type 'skin' for them to keep them insulated, they are also about $14.
      Woolies recently had them out for half price though. I'm sure they'll have them on special with the back to school sales if you can hold off until then.
      You can also buy them online (including extra snack cups) but you pay the same price plus postage.

  6. Thank Becci :) Will keep an eye out for the sales. She doesn't really need one yet. I like the idea of the little side parts. Might encourage the fussy little turd burger to eat lol