Thursday, November 8, 2012

Menu Plan 8th ~ 21st November

We have been doing really well with out frugal budget so far. Pretty impressed with it.
This week I discovered a local lady who is making up scrummy fruit and veg boxes. I'm really hoping that I'll have enough left over from shopping that I can order a small fruit box to be delivered on our off week to get us through. Fingers crossed!

I don't really need to do much baking this fortnight, still plenty of bar cakes in the freezer, but I am out of muffins etc for kindy, so will have to concentrate on stocking them up.

Our menu plan:
Thurs ~ Sausages in bread
Fri ~ Pasta Carbonara and garlic bread
Sat ~ Homemade Pizza
Sun ~ Baked Spuds
Mon ~ Roast Chicken (pieces) and veg
Tues ~ Mince stroganoff, rice and veg
Wed ~ Marinated lamb chump chops and veg (on sale this week)

Thurs ~ Chicken Parmys and veg
Fri ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise and garlic bread
Sat ~ Devilled Sausages and veg
Sun ~ Fried Rice and Marinated Chicken Wings
Mon ~ Homemade meat pie and veg
Tues ~ Savoury Impossible Pie, Smashed spuds and salad
Wed ~ Hamburgers


Apple Slice
Apple Crumble
Creamed Rice

Do you Menu Plan? Would love for you to share it, just link up below!

Take Care


  1. I use impossible pie quite often. It is a quick easy way to feed a family.

  2. That pie looks so yum! I find I have stages where I am good at menu planning and then terrible at it. I struggle to stay motivated. Thanks for the push to get going on it again! N x