Friday, November 23, 2012


Recently I have found myself pondering about next year. Pondering about what it will hold, but also about what I want to happen next year. What my goals will be.
I am not one to make resolutions, but I do like to set myself a focus and goals for the year.
I try to look at all the areas of my life and set 1-2 goals for each.
Areas like
~ My relationships
~ Kids learning and development
~ Simple Living
~ Health
~ Blogging
~ Craft
~ Housekeeping

Another area I have been looking at is my moderating duties at Down To Earth. I love this forum, it's just like home to me. Rhonda and the mods have been working hard behind the scenes recently and have had a bit of a re jig of the forum and have introduced 4 new mods in the last week or so. It's growing so much!
I have some ideas for different challenges that I plan to run next year and I am so excited about them. There are some other fabulous ideas for learning new skills and swaps being bandied around too, next year is going to be amazing!
To be the first in the know head on over to the forum and sign up. Such a wealth of information and a fabulous supportive community I have never seen in a forum before.

Have you begun to think about next year yet? Do you have goals?

Take Care

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