Friday, December 28, 2012

My One Little Word and 2013 Goals

This year I didn't have a word to get me through the year. I did miss it. I wasn't going to have one for 2013 either. I thought having my goals was going to be enough. But as I thought more and more about my goals I heard a little whisper. That whisper was ...


When I think about my goals for the coming year I look at many different aspects of my life. I then think of a couple of different goals I wish to make in those areas. Sometimes I can only think of one, some areas I have heaps of goals.

These are my goals for 2013 {minus a couple of very personal ones}

Simple Living Goals
~ Put my compost scraps into the green recycling bin
~ Sew napkins
~ Sew hankies
~ Grow and use water kefir to aid our health
~ Make some soft cheeses and yoghurt form scratch

~ Contact friends more
~ Spend more 1:1 time with the boys
~ Don't yell so much
~ Have fun more

Kids Development
~ Set aside time each week to work on ABC and 123 development, handwriting skills too
~ Do one craft activity a week

~ Keep up with the Zone work
~ Add pretty touches

~ Complete boys blankets
~ Work on kids crafts
~ Start our blanket
~ Crochet a jumper for Ethan
~ Scrapbook one page a week
~ Sew boys pyjamas and pyjama bags

~ Walk 5-6 days a week
~ Strength training 2 times a week
~ Build our immunity through kefir and other health foods

~ Blog 5 days per week

Do you set yourself Goals for the coming year? Would love to hear about them?

Take Care


  1. Sounds great Becci! Can't wait to follow along with you. xoxo

  2. Gee that's a great list Becci, I haven't thought too much about my goals for 2013 yet. Organisation is what I will be working on! My house is a lot quieter now, so hopefully I can start planning. I need peace and quiet for a while to gather my thoughts :)


  3. Xox all so sensible and achievable