Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday ~ What would you do?

Bundyfloods_zpsb6fef963 photo Bundyfloods_zpsb6fef963.jpg
2013 Floods in Bundaberg - photo courtesy of ABC news

Australia has had a few rough weeks. First it seemed like half the country was ablaze. The rest of the country was rather nervous at the thought that it could happen to them any tic of the clock.
And now we have horrific floods. They haven't been quite as bad as the 2010 floods though. Some towns did reach those levels but it seems it wasn't quite as devastating because it was a slow moving flood and not one with such ferocity as in 2010. Thank goodness the loss of life hasn't been as high either.

I am counting my blessings this week. That we are all well and alive. We have a roof over our head. We don't live in a flood prone area. Not really a bushfire prone area but we aren't far from the hills and if something like Black Saturday happened we could be in danger.

Also go me thinking again as to what we would do. If given warning to go or stay and defend what would we do.
We have decided that no thing is more important than our lives and that we would go, and go as early as possible. I also think of the emergency peeps, they don't need to be wasting time and resources to come look for us or to rescue us from our roof tops.

If we had time, and it was safe to take with us, I'd pack the van with what we could. Food, clothing, it already has bedding, some kids toys. Plus the computer hardrives, paperwork, water etc etc.
At least this way we would be able to save some of our possessions (we do have insurance for that though) and we would have our own accomodation which I am sure would help.

Do you have a disaster plan? Would you stay or go?

Take Care

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesdays

2013_0130Jan20130001_zps6d45d749 photo 2013_0130Jan20130001_zps6d45d749.jpg

Some 100% cotton facewashers I have been busy hooking up lately.
Lots of girl colours to add in the next couple of weeks too.
These will be for sale via the Lime Tree Creations Facebook page hopefully at the end of the month.
Lots of other goodies to come too.

Do you have a crafty project you have been working on this week?
Then link it up below, I just ask that you link to your blog post and not your home page and post a link back to here.

Take Care

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Becci's Chippie Spuds

Becci'sChippieSpuds photo BeccisChippieSpuds_zpse1a614f5.jpg

These are one of our favourite side dishes. Kids being kids would much prefer that we had chips every night so I changed their name to trick them, good mother I am!

Cut your spuds rather chunky. If I was using baby spuds they'd be cut in half. Chop as many as you need for your family. I fill a baking tin as they are very popular.
Place in a baking dish so that you pretty much have one layer of spuds. They'll crisp up more evenly this way.
Drizzle about 1-2 tablespoons of oil of your choice over them. You really don't need much, just enough to coat them and the tray. Too much and they'll be really greasy.
Sprinkle over about 1 tablespoon of seasoning of your choice. I use a few different things depending on what we are having with it. Often just a basic Season All type mix, sometimes Garlic Steak Seasoning, other times dried herbs (my kids don't like that much though). You could just use some salt and pepper. Whatever takes your fancy.
Bake in a 180-200C oven for at least an hour. If you have a large try you may need an hour and a half.
You can give the spuds a bit of a stir through half way if you like. Particularly hand if you are making a large tray of them.
Serve hot!

Take Care

Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Plan 28th January

2013_0125Jan20130004_zps0e82bada photo 2013_0125Jan20130004_zps0e82bada.jpg
{recipe coming soon}

This weeks menuplan got changed around a little.
Thursday was rather hot so I decided that I wouldn't make a lasagna and heat up the house, that we'd have a BBQ at the beach instead. That meant that we used the lamb chops we had planned for Australia Day though, but oh well.
I attempted to make the lasagna on saturday. I hadn't made my own pasta before and I complete failed at it. So pasta bake it was instead.
Will try again another day.

Mon ~ Sausage Casserole and veg
Tues ~ Drumstick Casserole
Wed ~ Homemade Pizza
Thurs ~ BBQ at the beach
Fri ~ Marinated Chicken and veg
Sat ~ Pasta bake
Sun ~ Corned Beef and veg with onion sauce

Anzac Cake

Do you menu plan? Would love for you to share, just link up below

Take Care

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day!

 photo ADay_zps82925a30.jpg

Happy Australia Day Everyone!

Hope you have a fab day no matter what your plans are.

Take Care

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer

Yesterday was rather warm so we decided to head to the beach late in the arvo, have a swim and then stay for a BBQ tea.
I packed up the chops I had planned for dinner, grab some snags from the freezer too, made a basic tossed salad, loaf of bread, drinks and we were off.
Was about 6pm when we arrived and the day had cooled off some what so I didn't get in. Brian did with the boys though.

I totally forgot my camera but here are some pics from last week when we went to the beach. Didn't think it was going to be busy but OMG you could barely move on the beach!.

2013_0116Jan20130001_zpsea95f8e2 photo 2013_0116Jan20130001_zpsea95f8e2.jpg
Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot

2013_0116Jan20130003_zpsb885f9e5 photo 2013_0116Jan20130003_zpsb885f9e5.jpg
The waves were a little fierce. Eli wasn't keen, Ethan was ok if he was with Dad

2013_0116Jan20130006_zpsd1ff1e91 photo 2013_0116Jan20130006_zpsd1ff1e91.jpg
Eli preferred to play in the sand

2013_0116Jan20130005_zps3df9096c photo 2013_0116Jan20130005_zps3df9096c.jpg

Soon Ethan joined him

2013_0116Jan20130009_zpsc119dfe5 photo 2013_0116Jan20130009_zpsc119dfe5.jpg
Then he turned into some kind of towel head monster

A typical day at the beach for us. Not sure how many more days we'll get in. Haven't had too many so far. The weather has been really strange. Mostly either mid 20's, too cold for the beach, or over 40C, which is too hot for me.

Take Care

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughtful Thursdays ~ My Motto

I thought I'd share one of the mottos that I live my life by.
Some people have been taken aback when I first say this to them, then they realise that it's true.
So if you are finding something difficult to do, step back and think of this.
Sometimes when we can't accomplish something there are genuine obstacles in our way, but more often than not that obstacle is us.

What motto helps you through your life?? Feel free to link up your posts below
Please link back to Beccis Domestic Bliss and make sure your posts are relative to our theme.

Take Care

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

WIP1 photo WIP1_zpsb2367718.jpg

My current WIP. I'm half way there. Will be a lap rug to keep me warm on winter nights as I hook away.

Do you have a crafty project you'd like to share? Link up below.

Take Care

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tucker Tuesday ~ Lunchbox Linky Party!!!

It's that time of year again. Where we all start preparing for the new school year and mums start to stress about what to include in their kids lunchboxes.

These are just a few pictures of my kids lunchboxes from last year.

As you can see they are fairly similar each week, my boys don't mind that.
There is usually something different in there though.

I am always on the look out for new ideas for the boys lunches. Be it at home or in the 'box'.
Especially if it's healthy and frugal.

So lets have a Linky Party and link up our favourite lunchbox ideas and recipes!

The link can be to your own blog or to one that you love. If it's to your own blog post I'd love it you linked back to here where possible.

Looking forward to seeing some new recipes, and you never know I might just try one or three!

Take Care

Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Plan 21st January

This week I managed to stockpile a bit of meat! I went shopping on friday morning instead of thursday as it was 42C on thursday and only 22C on friday. I found heaps of stuff marked down. I bought as much as I could. So happy to have a bit of extra in the freezer!!!

Mon ~ Chorizo Pasta {a bit of an experiment that turned out awesome}
Tues ~ French Onion Chicken Casserole and veg
Wed ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Thurs ~ Chicken Salad Rolls
Fri ~ Zucchini and Carrot Quiche, Chippie Spuds and Salad
Sat ~ Fried Rice and Marinated Chicken Wings
Sun ~ Roast Chicken and veg

I haven't planned any baking yet, been a bit slack, but I do need to start making some things for the kids lunchboxes. Check my Facebook page for when I do bake :) 

Do you Menu Plan? Would love for you to share, just link up below

Linking up with
The Organised Housewife

Take Care

Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Friday ~ Summer Holiday

Fridays are a Free for all here at BDB. I'll be posting whatever takes my fancy at that time. Feel free to join in with the linky at the bottom of the post.

This year we managed to have a summer holiday. It was our first time away since we travelled the Great Ocean Road in the September over a year before! Just realised that I never blogged about that!

We decided that we just wanted to get away. Not do anything touristy really, just a break away. Having to leave things to late (due to Brian not knowing if he had the time off or not) we couldn't get anywhere by the coast, so we headed to the Barossa and a lovely little town called Williamstown.
Brians mum and step dad came too. I can hear many of you groaning about going away with your MIL, but I am very lucky that we all get along really well.

We headed off about 8.30 New Years Day morning. IL's met us at our place and they followed us.
Was a lovely drive up except our GPS decided to take us bush bashing up a ridiculously steep hill, thank goodness we were in a 4WD! Don't trust the GPS anymore, will be getting a new one!

We arrived early and found that we had been given a fantastic spot. Nice and shady. With the camp kitchen to one side and amenities to the other.
This is our set up. We were able to set up so we were facing each other, which was lovely.

In Laws set up

The weather was very hot. Not usually under 35C and more often than not over 40C. So there was lots of sitting in the van of an afternoon with the air con on.
Some napped, others coloured in (Eli) and I hooked.

The caravan park is owned by the local council. It's set up next to the town oval. With the park on one side and the local pool (recently reopened with new management) on the other. So there was LOTS of this happening.



But when the weather was nice there was a bit of this...

lots of this (local cricket match on, you can just see the pool in the background)...

Some milkshake making with Nan

We even managed a trip to the Whispering Wall.

FIL's brother and partner even came up for a drive. Here they all are watching the local cricket under the shade.

I did get a trip into Maggie Beers Farm Shop. Lovely place. Kids had a ball watching the turtles on the pond while I shopped. But it was packed! Guess that's what you get for going on a saturday arvo when it was a relatively cool day compared to the rest of the week.
Had some lovley meals out but by far the best was at the Tanunda Club. Not a very frugal meal by any means but OMG the best, thickest and tastiest beef snitzel with Surf n Truf sauce (hollandaise based) that I have had in a long while!

We loved our holiday and plan to head back up that way in the cooler weather and chill out.

Have you taken a holiday lately??? Care to share?? Just link up below using the Linky tool.

Take Care

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Many times I have a thought, quote or some gratefulness that I wish to share. Thought Thursdays will be where I do this. Would love for you join me. Either with your own thoughts or using my thoughts as a jumping off point. There is a link tool at the bottom of this post for you to share your post.


Todays thought is about listening to my heart. Many might call it intuition.
Too many times I haven't listened to my heart and then found out that I should have. Not just with the negative things in my life like thinking I shouldn't persue a relationship with someone and then 4 painful years later finally getting it.
But with positive thoughts too.

Many years ago I had this overwhelming urge to call a friend. I knew that she was in an abusive relationship and was heavily pregnant. I really wanted to call her. The urge got stronger and stronger all day. I didn't call as I knew her boyfriend was more than likely home and she would pay dearly for the call if he found out. The urge was unbelievable. I decided that if I still had the urge after dinner then I would call her aunty (a close family friend). Dinner time came and the urge left me. I felt calm. Was so strange. My heart was calm but my brain was in over drive.
A couple of hours later I had a phone call. My friend had given birth to a beautiful baby girl!

I've had similar feelings over the years and have ignored it. Only to find out that a friend could actually have done with a call from me as they were having a hard time that day.

This weekend I felt the same urge, although not as strong as with my labouring friend. I hadn't seen much of them online (I know her through a forum and she lives interstate). I had this urge to send her a message to let her know she was loved.
For whatever reason I didn't send that message. I have just read that a dear friend of hers passed away a few days ago. I have sent her a message now.

I need to learn to listen to my instincts more. They rarely let me down, usually only when I over think them. After all what have I got to loss by dropping someone a line to say hi???

Do you listen to your heart and/or instincts? Should you do it more?

Take Care

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Each Wednesday I'll be posting a pic of what crafty item I am working on. This week it's crochet, but it might be some scrapbooking or anything else that takes my fancy.

This week is a sneak peak of a little something I am making for someone very special to me. Can't say anymore though, you'll have to wait until the person has this for the full reveal. I'm loving it though


Are you working on anything crafty this week? Would love to see? 
Link up below :)

Take Care

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tucker Tuesdays

Welcome to my fist Tucker Tuesday!
Each Tuesdays post will be about food. Either a recipe, and idea, some inspiration, lunchboxes or a chat.

{One of the recipes I plan to try}

One of my aims for this year is to include more nutrition into our diet. Easy enough to do if you have a fabulous budget, but my budget won't be changing. Not such an easy task. I'll be trying to include more vegies where I can and trying some new foods. First on my list are quinoa, chia seeds and coconut oil. Have heard fabulous things about all three.
I'll also be looking at our usual recipes and seeing where they can be improved. Can I add some more veg into it? Can I substitute something for something more nutritious that is still with in our budget?

Are you changing the way your family eats this year? Do you have a favourite recipe you'd like to share, your own or someone elses? 
Would love for you to link up below

Take Care

Monday, January 14, 2013

Menu Planning Mondays

Remember when I said there were going to be a few changes to the blog? Well today brings the first one.
I have moved my menu planning to Mondays! and it will every week not fortnightly. One catch though. I will still be planning at home fortnightly on a thursday so my posts will be retrospective. I'll be able to give you fab feed back on new recipes I try much better this way too.

We were still on holidays for the first part of this weeks menu plan...

Mon ~ Toasted Sandwiches
Tues ~ Chicken drumsticks and roast veg
Wed ~ Meat pie and veg
Thurs ~ Quiche, Baked Spuds and salad
Fri ~ Homemade Pizza
Saturday ~ Sausages and veg
Sunday ~ Corned Beef, veg and cheese sauce

I really haven't baked at all since before christmas. I did whip up some cream and decorated a bought sponge with strawberries and the cream while we were away for Brians birthday though :)

Do you Menu Plans? Would love for you to share, just link up below!

Come back tomorrow to see what's happening on Tuesdays :)

Take Care

Friday, January 11, 2013

January CAL's at DTE!




This year I am hosting not one but TWO CAL's at Down To Earth. One Basic and one Advanced.
Both CAL's are now up (late due to being away on holidays).

Hope you pop on over and join in.

Take Care

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System {Sponsored Post}


You know how when certain things happen and everything falls into place???

Well that's what happened here recently. Not in any sort of major way, but it made me smile none the less.

We have been planning our first trip away in our new van for a while. I had seen those indoor automatic bug sprays around for a while and had heard that they now did an outdoor one. I wondered if it would be good to use outside the van at night. We were going away in summer after all, and lots of night time chatting was to be happening with the in law. And there is nothing worse then mozzie bites on top of the obligatory summer sunburn. I decided that I'd grab one in the pre holiday shop.

Then the universe created it's magic and I was offered a Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System to review through Product Talk by Nuffnang. What perfect timing!!!!

When it arrived I promptly packed it in the van ready for our trip.

Our van and awning. We placed our Control System above the door so it sprayed out evenly (without marking the awning too).
My in laws awning was right next door and just as big as ours. It reached through theirs too!

Our first day was rather warm, and once night time came out came the mozzies!
So I grabbed my Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System and set it going.
Immediately I noticed that it didn't smell like fly spray at all, like I assumed it would. No it had a very pleasant and not too strong scent.

We noticed pretty quick that the bugs didn't like it. Not one mozzie to be seen or felt!

The Control System uses a plant based active ingredient which is rather nice to know when you have little kiddies around, and much better on those who are sensitive for traditional sprays.
I love that it has a 3 hour automatic cut off too. No forgetting to turn it off when we went inside for the night.
The system covers a 25m2 area, or for us both ours and my in laws awning areas were covered. Huge!

We also used it a few times during the day when the flies decided that they liked what we were having for lunch. Only a couple of minutes and they disappeared too!

The Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System certainly helped to make our holiday a happy one. Not one mozzie bite between the 6 of us.
We used it every night, and a couple of times in the day, over 7 days and still haven't run out. We'll definitely be making Mortein part of our holidays in the future.

I received one Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System to review for this Sponsored post.

Take Care