Friday, January 25, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer

Yesterday was rather warm so we decided to head to the beach late in the arvo, have a swim and then stay for a BBQ tea.
I packed up the chops I had planned for dinner, grab some snags from the freezer too, made a basic tossed salad, loaf of bread, drinks and we were off.
Was about 6pm when we arrived and the day had cooled off some what so I didn't get in. Brian did with the boys though.

I totally forgot my camera but here are some pics from last week when we went to the beach. Didn't think it was going to be busy but OMG you could barely move on the beach!.

2013_0116Jan20130001_zpsea95f8e2 photo 2013_0116Jan20130001_zpsea95f8e2.jpg
Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot

2013_0116Jan20130003_zpsb885f9e5 photo 2013_0116Jan20130003_zpsb885f9e5.jpg
The waves were a little fierce. Eli wasn't keen, Ethan was ok if he was with Dad

2013_0116Jan20130006_zpsd1ff1e91 photo 2013_0116Jan20130006_zpsd1ff1e91.jpg
Eli preferred to play in the sand

2013_0116Jan20130005_zps3df9096c photo 2013_0116Jan20130005_zps3df9096c.jpg

Soon Ethan joined him

2013_0116Jan20130009_zpsc119dfe5 photo 2013_0116Jan20130009_zpsc119dfe5.jpg
Then he turned into some kind of towel head monster

A typical day at the beach for us. Not sure how many more days we'll get in. Haven't had too many so far. The weather has been really strange. Mostly either mid 20's, too cold for the beach, or over 40C, which is too hot for me.

Take Care


  1. What a lovely post, you are making special family memories this way,

  2. Oh I'm so jealous!! We've had absolutely frigid temps here on Ontario, Canada for the past week. It's actually going to warm up quite a bit tomorrow and be a balmy -5 degrees!! I heard you are having crazy hot temps down under just as we are having crazy cold temps here. Nice that you have a beach close by to cool off.

    1. We are really lucky here. Have over half dozen places with in about 10 minutes to choose from to swim at, all kid friendly. Then there are the surf beaches as well.

  3. yes we are having such strange weather Becci,i also love the beach but havent been for awhile.xx

  4. This looks like so much fun!!! It is so cold here, it is really nice to see your warm weather :)

  5. Lucky you have the beach so close. Looks like you guys had fun.

  6. Oh Becci I love Horseshoe Bay. My Mum and Dad would take my sister and me there regularly because it was always one of the best and cleanest (Mum's word) beaches near Adelaide. We lived near Brighton and Glenelg beaches but we preferred Horseshoe Bay. Gosh your post brings back so many memories. Once I remember the waves were a 'bit fierce' and I was facing Mum who was sitting on the sand so I was not looking when a wave hit me and I rolled over and over and got a bit scratched in the process. I developed a healthy respect for the waves after that :o)