Monday, January 14, 2013

Menu Planning Mondays

Remember when I said there were going to be a few changes to the blog? Well today brings the first one.
I have moved my menu planning to Mondays! and it will every week not fortnightly. One catch though. I will still be planning at home fortnightly on a thursday so my posts will be retrospective. I'll be able to give you fab feed back on new recipes I try much better this way too.

We were still on holidays for the first part of this weeks menu plan...

Mon ~ Toasted Sandwiches
Tues ~ Chicken drumsticks and roast veg
Wed ~ Meat pie and veg
Thurs ~ Quiche, Baked Spuds and salad
Fri ~ Homemade Pizza
Saturday ~ Sausages and veg
Sunday ~ Corned Beef, veg and cheese sauce

I really haven't baked at all since before christmas. I did whip up some cream and decorated a bought sponge with strawberries and the cream while we were away for Brians birthday though :)

Do you Menu Plans? Would love for you to share, just link up below!

Come back tomorrow to see what's happening on Tuesdays :)

Take Care