Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday ~ What would you do?

Bundyfloods_zpsb6fef963 photo Bundyfloods_zpsb6fef963.jpg
2013 Floods in Bundaberg - photo courtesy of ABC news

Australia has had a few rough weeks. First it seemed like half the country was ablaze. The rest of the country was rather nervous at the thought that it could happen to them any tic of the clock.
And now we have horrific floods. They haven't been quite as bad as the 2010 floods though. Some towns did reach those levels but it seems it wasn't quite as devastating because it was a slow moving flood and not one with such ferocity as in 2010. Thank goodness the loss of life hasn't been as high either.

I am counting my blessings this week. That we are all well and alive. We have a roof over our head. We don't live in a flood prone area. Not really a bushfire prone area but we aren't far from the hills and if something like Black Saturday happened we could be in danger.

Also go me thinking again as to what we would do. If given warning to go or stay and defend what would we do.
We have decided that no thing is more important than our lives and that we would go, and go as early as possible. I also think of the emergency peeps, they don't need to be wasting time and resources to come look for us or to rescue us from our roof tops.

If we had time, and it was safe to take with us, I'd pack the van with what we could. Food, clothing, it already has bedding, some kids toys. Plus the computer hardrives, paperwork, water etc etc.
At least this way we would be able to save some of our possessions (we do have insurance for that though) and we would have our own accomodation which I am sure would help.

Do you have a disaster plan? Would you stay or go?

Take Care


  1. Like you we are in a relatively safe area but we've talked about this, we would stay after evacuating Mum and the animals. Re computer hard drives: check your documents folder and see how big it is: it should fit on a memory stick with large capacity. Copy the folder every month or so, anything else can be replaced.

  2. I am with you in that regard. The most important parts of my life are my kids, as long as my family is with me I am good.

  3. Pack up and go, the kids, the dogs and cats, throw them all in the car and get out while you can.

  4. I used to live in the Adelaide Hills and we decided almost immediately that we would go - the house was insured and, as you said, nothing was more important than our lives.

    If you plan to take the van, how about keeping it stocked with things like tinned food, the memory stick that Rose suggests, some spare clothes - then if you have to leave in a real hurry, you already have some supplies.

    1. We do have some basic food in there. But if I had the time I would stock the fridge and add what food I could from our pantry too. After all it will probably be lost in the flood/fire and will save us money.
      We do have an external hard drive to back the computer up with. Just need to work out how to do it. Brian tried once but it doesn't seem to have worked.