Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Many times I have a thought, quote or some gratefulness that I wish to share. Thought Thursdays will be where I do this. Would love for you join me. Either with your own thoughts or using my thoughts as a jumping off point. There is a link tool at the bottom of this post for you to share your post.


Todays thought is about listening to my heart. Many might call it intuition.
Too many times I haven't listened to my heart and then found out that I should have. Not just with the negative things in my life like thinking I shouldn't persue a relationship with someone and then 4 painful years later finally getting it.
But with positive thoughts too.

Many years ago I had this overwhelming urge to call a friend. I knew that she was in an abusive relationship and was heavily pregnant. I really wanted to call her. The urge got stronger and stronger all day. I didn't call as I knew her boyfriend was more than likely home and she would pay dearly for the call if he found out. The urge was unbelievable. I decided that if I still had the urge after dinner then I would call her aunty (a close family friend). Dinner time came and the urge left me. I felt calm. Was so strange. My heart was calm but my brain was in over drive.
A couple of hours later I had a phone call. My friend had given birth to a beautiful baby girl!

I've had similar feelings over the years and have ignored it. Only to find out that a friend could actually have done with a call from me as they were having a hard time that day.

This weekend I felt the same urge, although not as strong as with my labouring friend. I hadn't seen much of them online (I know her through a forum and she lives interstate). I had this urge to send her a message to let her know she was loved.
For whatever reason I didn't send that message. I have just read that a dear friend of hers passed away a few days ago. I have sent her a message now.

I need to learn to listen to my instincts more. They rarely let me down, usually only when I over think them. After all what have I got to loss by dropping someone a line to say hi???

Do you listen to your heart and/or instincts? Should you do it more?

Take Care


  1. Hi Becci
    I think this has happened to me too. Need to follow my heart more. Have read your blog for some time but never replied. Am also doing the CAL at DTE and the monthly cleaning. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into both

  2. Intuition or 6th Sense whatever we call it we are all born with this ability but then we grow older and life gets in the way. Listen to it and act on it.

  3. a timely reminder, Becci...follow your instincts, you have nothing to lose do you? I feel very loved. Thank you