Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tucker Tuesdays

Welcome to my fist Tucker Tuesday!
Each Tuesdays post will be about food. Either a recipe, and idea, some inspiration, lunchboxes or a chat.

{One of the recipes I plan to try}

One of my aims for this year is to include more nutrition into our diet. Easy enough to do if you have a fabulous budget, but my budget won't be changing. Not such an easy task. I'll be trying to include more vegies where I can and trying some new foods. First on my list are quinoa, chia seeds and coconut oil. Have heard fabulous things about all three.
I'll also be looking at our usual recipes and seeing where they can be improved. Can I add some more veg into it? Can I substitute something for something more nutritious that is still with in our budget?

Are you changing the way your family eats this year? Do you have a favourite recipe you'd like to share, your own or someone elses? 
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Take Care


  1. Thanks for that recipe link Bec.

  2. Becci - love that recipe!

    Quinoa is one of the ingredients high on my list to incorporate into our diet more this year too.