Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Retrospective Light Bulb Moment

For many years now I have been very aware of how people and my environment have an affect on me.
I have made a conscious effort in recent years to remove toxicity from my life and to allow in only people and things that have a wonderfully positive affect on me into my life.

Yesterday I realise when that first began...

I can't remember the year but Randall would have been a baby.

I was a regular viewer of Rikki Lakes day time show. Love it. Then one day it hit me.
I was so wound up every afternoon after watching it. It was almost like I was ready to take on anyone that looked at me the wrong way. Not quite like that, but almost.
I questioned as to why I would do that to myself. Why would I watch a show that was doing nothing but having such a negative effect on me?
So I stopped watching.
I was more important than that. I deserved to be influenced by only the good and beautiful in life.

From that day on I became more aware of my surroundings. More aware of the things I watched and read. More aware of what I did, how I spoke and who I spoke too.

Have you had a light bulb moment about your life?

Take Care


  1. Yes Becci I have. Many years ago when my Mum and Dad divorced things were very tight indeed. I was 12 and the new arrangements affected me and my younger sister. When I was feeling down Mum always said to stop and look at all the things other people miss. I guess what she meant was to stop and smell the roses. Even now 48 years later when I look at the glistening drops of morning dew on the grass it puts me in mind of an unseen hand that has strewn what I call 'diamonds in the grass'. Funny what one remembers.

  2. I used to walk each morning with a friend. One morning we had an argument (I was trying to relate a story to her, she kept butting in and putting words in my mouth so I told her to shut the hell up!). We parted company on that walk and have not been friends since.

    Do I miss her friendship - nope! Light bulb moment - apart from walking with her each morning, we didn't really share a relationship.

  3. Probably my biggest light bulb moment was when I realised I could not spend another Christmas with my first husband's family because we were always pretending we were happy, which was far from the truth. I left him Christmas Eve, which probably wasn't the best time but it was two days after he attempted to assault me at a Christmas party. That was a wake up call and a half! Have never looked back and have been happily remarried for 12 years tomorrow!

  4. I have since learnt in the past twelve months that I can't please everyone. If someone doesn't want to talk to me for whatever reason (and most often it's for absolutely no reason at all), I think "well that's your loss". When someone does me wrong and after so many second, third and fourth chances, I eventually 'put the trash out' and don't look back! Love Melissa...