Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Boys Room

Yesterday I was in the boys room sorting through stuffed toys, why oh why are there so many!, and giving the room a good clean as part of my Zone work, when Brian suggested we put the beds up into bunks.
I had suggested this a few months back, but I guess it's his idea now (love you baby).

You can see what the room looked like before in this blog post.

Now this is what it's like.

 photo 2013_0207Jan20130008_zps6ea15c1d.jpg
I shut the blind and turn the light on for this one.
Standing in the doorway

 photo 2013_0207Jan20130004_zpsc85dbd18.jpg
To the right of the doorway.
Ethan on top bunk, Eli on bottom.
The book case. Bottom shelf for kindy and going out bags.
Next shelf up is for Eli to put his drink and tissue at night

 photo 2013_0207Jan20130006_zps3eb362ee.jpg
View from near the window.
Boys tallboys to the left.

 photo 2013_0207Jan20130005_zpsbff349dc.jpg
Eli's on the left. The fan won't be there forever.
Ethan's on the right.
Both need some personal touches.

 photo 2013_0207Jan20130007_zps51004204.jpg
Their wardrobe, coat hook and toy containers.
This space will be used for their desks when they get them.
Ethan's later this year, Eli's not for another year. They'll be starting school gifts.

Take Care


  1. This looks very nice Becci, My tidy work in our dd's rooms is just starting!!! Thanks for the inspiration I have been avoiding this monumental task lol

  2. oh how lovely and so much more room for them, they are lucky boys