Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear Chrissie...

Dear Chrissie

First let me tell you that to me you are one of the most funny, genuine and loveable people on Aussie tv, actually make that all of tv. You crack me up every time I see you and make me feel as though I could just call you up and have a cuppa while the squids played.

I hear you got busted having a fag? Ooops. Now I don't agree with smoking during pregnancy. Or drinking, or taking part in any other sort of risky behaviour whist pregnant. But I will not judge you.
I am the last person who should be judging what you, or any other woman, should or shouldn't do while they are pregnant. After all I am the one who, despite knowing the risks of Gestational Diabetes, didn't loose weight before having my babies.

Glasshouses, stones.....

As mothers we feel as though there is no one else in the world who loves our children more than we do. We feel as though there is nothing that we would do to protect our children. That we would never harm them in any way. We will do everything that we can to make them the most wonderful human beings that ever lived.
But we are only human. We have the best intentions in the world, that there is no doubt. But many times we fall short. I'm sure ever parent out there has had at least one moment where they have done something that they swore they would never do.
Yelled at our precious child because they were frustrated, fed them chicken nuggets for dinner because it's been just one of those days and you don't feel like a battle tonight, forgot to reapply the sunscreen and put a hat on, put the tv on for a little peace and quiet, smacked them on the bum because you are at your wits end.
We are all guilty of not being the perfect parent, and so what!

99% of the time we are awesome people and parents. But we are only human after all. We have our failings, our strengths and weaknesses.
What is most important is that when we realise we are doing wrong, or at least not doing the best we can, that we do what we can to fix it.
So we count to ten, breathe deeply and walk out of the room the next time we are frustrated. We buy chicken breasts and breadcrumbs the next time we are shopping so that we can make our own nuggets to have on hand in the freezer. We set an alarm and keep sunscreen and hats by the door so that we remember to apply the sunscreen. We have books on hand or at least make sure that what our children are viewing is educational.

Chrissie you are doing just that. You are coming forth, taking ownership (which there isn't enough in this world) and making steps to get the help that you need.
That is the most awesome thing you can do!

So to those that may poo poo you for smoking whilst pregnant I challenge them to look at their own lives and to find at least one thing that they can improve in their life, to use the energy they are using to be negative about this and redirect it into bettering themselves and their own families.

Again glasshouses, stones....

Take care my sweetheart. Remember you are an awesome woman and mother.

If you need help with giving up smoking then visit the National Quit Website.


  1. Good on you Bec. I couldn't agree with you more. I think people expect those in the public eye to be perfect, but as we all know, no one is. She made a small mistake which she has not defended, but explained. I think what she has said and done in response to her actions are nothing but admirable.

  2. Well said.

    I don't like the way she is being attacked on social media. Nobody is perfect and if anyone claims to be, they are lying.

  3. You said everything that I have been thinking - in a nut shell!

    If I saw a pregnant woman in the street smoking, would I have the guts to go tell her to stop and that she was harming her baby? No. The media wouldn't take a picture of that woman on the street and publish it with her name so the media have no right to try and flog those pictures of Chrissie either for monetary gain. She hasn't broken the law, she has made an error in judgement.

    I loved your letter to her - are you sending it to her because I think she would really love and appreciate it.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Onya Becci.I agree totally with everything you say. You could probably post this to Chrissie's FaceBook page or failing that perhaps send a copy to Channel 10's The Project.