Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tucker Tuesdays ~ Breakfast Smoothies

Ethan isn't a big early morning breakfast eater. He'd rather have brekky about a hour after he wakes. Which I can understand I'm a bit like that myself.
However it does make kindy mornings a little hard.
The last couple of weeks he's been eating a jam sandwich on the walk to kindy as he's usually ready to eat about then. But that's not a very nutritious brekky. Better than nothing I know but I'd rather he had something healthier.
So why not a smoothie?

 photo 2013_0220Feb20130003_zpsebcf99ae.jpg 
I ordered some of these reusable pouches from Squeeze Ems. They come in two different sizes. 80ml and 200ml. I bought the 200ml and some spare lids, I can see us loosing a few of them.
$16 for 10 pouches, $2 for 4 lids and $3 postage!
You can buy them at other places but I found buying them direct saved me lots on postage.

I had heard people singing their praises but had also heard that some people had trouble with filling them. That it could get a little messy.
I poured our smoothies into a jug I have here and had no real issues. The mess you can see in the top of them is from me over filling them. I found that I needed to stop about 1cm below the 200ml mark on the pouch to be able to close them mess free.
I then popped them in the freezer, they didn't expand much. I'll take one out of the freezer the night before kindy so that it defrosts in time for brekky.

 photo 2013_0220Feb20130004_zpsa5d6e6d7.jpg
Red berry and Banana Smoothies

 photo 2013_0220Feb20130005_zps18d94aa4.jpg
Blackberry and Banana Smoothies

Banana Berry Smoothies
2 x bananas cut into pieces
2C berries
1C greek yoghurt
3T chia seeds
1T coconut oil, melted
1-2C milk
honey to taste (about 3T)
Place in a blender and process until smooth.
My bananas I had cut up and frozen a day or two before hand while they were perfect for blending but my pouches hadn't arrived.
For the Red berry smoothies I used a whole punnet of strawberries and 1 cup of frozen raspberries. For the blackberry ones I used 2 cups of frozen home foraged blackberries.
I would have added some LSA mix but our kindy is nut free and Ethan is more than likely to still be drinking his smoothie when he gets there.
Makes approx 1 Ltr.

I have some other awesome combinations I can't wait to try. Might just have to buy some more pouches to give them a burl soon!

This is my own personal review I was not asked nor paid for this review, all opinions are my own

Take Care


  1. What a great idea and much healthier than one sandwich with jam ; )
    Our daughter used to have the same problem in the morning. She's 19 now and grew out of it ; )
    Have a great day.

  2. They do look yummy. The only thing is you would have to wash them out scrupulously so as not to leave any residue which may contaminate. How many uses to they recommend before binning?

  3. I'm not sure about how many uses, I guess until they get cruddy lol.
    They are fairly easy to clean. The spout doesn't have any valves or anything that is hard to clean. It's just a straight hole.
    I use lots of hot soapy water and a bottle brush which works well

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this post Becci!! I have been despairing over one of my twins never wanting breakfast...just her milk! She loves her fruit or yoghurt squeezies which i resort to sometimes but they are too expensive to be a solution! This product looks fantastic and i just popped over to order some...can't wait to try some fruit smoothies out on her! Thanks again!!!

  5. Dropping in from the March Blog Carnival.

    These look yum! Now I want a smoothie... ;-)

  6. Oh that's a good idea to make a batch and freeze. We do a lot of smoothies around here and I do freeze into icecream moulds but hadn't thought of defrosting and having for breakfast the next morning...