Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kitchen repairs and reorganisation

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the shelf under the sink was rather wonky.
Turns out there was a leak in the wall at the breach which was dripping down to the waste pipe and then onto the old chipboard shelves.
Bear in mind that this house is 30 years old and we are renting.
Plumbers came and fixed the pipes. We even got a new mixer tap and separate rain water tap as they don't make that kind of breach any more.
Yesterday the handyman came to replace the shelf.

Here are some before pics:

 photo 2013_0308Feb20130002_zpsb4888452.jpg

 photo 2013_0308Feb20130003_zps3fd7d702.jpg
Shelf was just a tad wonky.

Fortunately they replaced it with a nice melamine shelf. Much easier to keep clean.
I took the opportunity to finally clean out my plastics corner seeing as everything was cleaned out anyways.

 photo 2013_0308Feb20130004_zpsf0ffbb87.jpg
Looking into the plastics corner from the left

 photo 2013_0308Feb20130005_zpsb20bfb97.jpg

 photo 2013_0308Feb20130006_zpsea7f5254.jpg

 photo 2013_0308Feb20130007_zpsa985c143.jpg

Not the most perfect shelves. But much better than it was. The horrible mouldy smell has almost gone too.
Have a box of bicarb soaking up the last of the odour.
Was great to organised the cupboard too. Got rid of a few things from there that haven't been used in ages too.

Take Care


  1. This is a job i must do too. Lucky the PLUMBERS could fix it!

  2. It looks great !!! Great job.
    Have a wonderful weekend.